Tuesday, August 7

Hair Tutorial // The Polished Bun Hawk

I'm all about blending in with the jeans and the ponytails, but other times I like to blend out a bit with some leopard print or a fun faux hawk. Always gets people asking how I did it, and always makes me feel like I have a great hairstyle without committing my whole afternoon:) What'cha think?
This tutorial is being posted because of requests for a variation on my Posh Faux Hawk style, and this one was the obvious solution! Its only a few minutes to create, it works with curly to stick straight hair, and it's versatile enough to be worn with a regular t-shirt or dangles and a party dress:) So, here you have it ladies!
Supplies used:
  • 12+ bobby pins
  • brush or comb
Step #1: Begin with 'day old hair' at least (hair that has product in it for a little grip), or spritz a little spray on your locks to create some:) Use your thumbs to separate the hair starting about 1 1/2-2 inches up from your ears from the rest of your hair. Pull the sides out a bit so its not so tight, and twist it into a little bun in the back. Pin from opposite directions.
Step #2. Move your thumbs down and make another separation of the hair between your first bun and your ears. Pull together in the back, tug the hair on the sides out a bit, and twist your hair into a bun. Pin again:)
Step #3. Repeat again three more times separating next the hair right above your ears, then dividing the hair left into two more. Remember to tug the hair out a bit before you pin up your bun so you don't see severe parts on either side. Once finished just give the whole look a little hairspray for longer lasting hold, and pinch out a few of your flyaways for a more easy going/effortless look, and you're done!
The key to having the buns look so sleek is twisting them very tightly. This also helps them stay together more. However if you have short hair and still wanna give this a try just loop your bun up against your head, pin in place, then pull hair out a bit from every direction for more volume in your bun.
The best part about these tutorials is hearing about someone using one for their wedding, or a date, or even just to feel a little better running errands! So from now on if you do try one and include a picture in a blog post with a link, let me know and I'll include a link to your post!!
Can't wait to see your 'do's':) Take care, and happy hair day!
xo, Emily

P.S. Melissa gave it a try!

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  1. Emily I love your hair tutorials. I did the Maiden Braids Updo to a conference that I went and everyone ask me a told me that my hair style was beautiful. This one I love too, I will try too. Thank You for sharing Emily.

  2. Thanks for letting my know! I love love hearing those stories:)

  3. OH MY!! I am going to grow my hair out just for this hair style!! haha You are so gorgeous!! How is the little one doing? (:

  4. This one is so pretty! My fiance always makes fun of me for my love of buns. He's going to be so thrilled to see this one tried out. LOL! His nickname for me actually is bun. I just love 'em! Thanks for posting this one. I'm going to try it out tomorrow!

  5. I'm trying this one.

  6. this looks so awesome! i love it on you especially - if i had longer hair i'd be trying this

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. Gorgeous, you really make me wish I had long hair xxx

  8. A very beautiful hair do :) xox

  9. Thank you for this tutorial! Your hairstyles are so unique..I can't wait to try this one out :)

  10. A mi no me saldria, seguro.

  11. Lovely hair style!
    Thank you sweetie and of course I follow you back:)


  12. aww!!! this hair-style is gorgeous!!! Too bad I just chop-off my hair!!! :((


  13. Hey gorgeous! I love your hair tutorial, it is so amazing! Thank you for following my blog, Im your newest follower!

  14. I love it so much and all your do your hair tutorials!<3

    kisses Fashion Memos

    P.S. Would you like to follow each other?I already do, I hope you do the same dear.

  15. Emily! Such a cute little blog you have here...
    I am your newest follower, and have to say I am dying over all your gorgeous hairstyles, but this one literally stopped me in my tracks. WOW!
    - Melissa <3

  16. Tried this out this morning, and I am in LOVE!! <3
    Come check out my pictures at

  17. I have tried this one yesterday, but mine had only 3 buns. I have a very long road until I perfect my buns, but anyway I was happy with it :)
    I would love it if you have the time to check it out :)

  18. Hello emily,

    i tried this hairdo today, and i love hair is the same length and wave(?) as yours, only blonde, i always tought my hair was too long to do something with it.. never did something else then a bun or a ponytail because i always have leftover hair. but with your tutorials, im gonna try a lot more! thank you very much!!! greeting from the netherlands

  19. how does your hair get so long Emily? I've been growing mine out for 3 years and it's only grown an inch or so