Monday, August 6

What dreams are made of

   Have you ever seen the world spinning in confusion and wish you could just fly away for a bit? Of course its mostly caused by the rush of summer fun, and leaving would mean missing out on all the pleasures that come from our plans! One of the greatest ones this summer has been finding new and beautiful music:)
   I stumbled on this band through Pandora this week while working furiously on something, and though it may sound silly, the slow simple music of almost transported me for a minute. I felt like I was pulled into a beautiful world where there was nothing but peace and calm, and everything moved in slow motion. I was so transfixed, and once the song ended I found myself sitting there as still as could be, and so I listened to it again! (and again:)) I just adore the simple guitar and her soft voice. listen for yourself: 
   The song was really what I needed to hear to put everything in a beautiful perspective. I remembered again why we fill our lives so full, and that everything happens for a reason. Its funny too sometimes, when the world turns fast and dizzying and things are the busiest, I find myself not only making new goals but remembering old ones, like the goal to record an album with Martin someday. Well, dreams keep us living life to the fullest, and hope keeps dreams alive. Here's to a sweet and beautiful life.

Have a lovely lovely day!
xo, Emmy

P.S. Their 'Moon river' is by far my favorite that I've heard so far, but their version of Edelweiss, and also Wake the Earth are at the top of my list.


  1. this is my favorite song. in the world, probably. It hold so so much emotion, memories and hope for me. oh goodness, i just love it. I am just so happy to listen to this delightful cover! (I normally stick to the original or older versions of this song). So thanks for sharing that, darlin'!!!

  2. She has such an elegant voice.

  3. Oh wow...I'm totally in love....

  4. Thank you for this beautiful song. What a discovery..