Sunday, August 5

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: Visit from my brother and his family going swimmingly! They have the best kids ever, and we've had so much fun showing them around the neato spots in our little town.  hot dogs, swimming, ice-cream, walks to the park, bonfires and smores, games, chats, and plenty of time for laughing and fun. This is the biggest group that we've ever hosted here, and its fun to see how easily our place can accommodate. Here's to a great summer vacation! 
Weekly Snapshots: here are a few shots from some daddy/son bonding time(with mom hovering with the camera). He made these faces all in about 10 seconds.haha
Weeks Favorite: Little miss Eleanor came upstairs from the playroom like this while I was sewing with my buddy. Apparently she was so hungry that she opened up a boxed fudge brownie mix and helped herself.haha Can't say I blame her! too cute to be mad:)
Next Week: I'm so excited and pumped about the work and progress that next week will bring. I love check-lists and crossing off things as I get them done. Not looking forward to company leaving:( But we're so glad that they could come, and I'll share a few pictures soon of some of the fun things we did. Here's to a productive week ahead!!
Most popular post of the week: 
A Few Facts:
  • Martin and I just turned back on our Netflix for a couple months, which means more late movie/snuggle dates *fist pump*. Any good movie suggestions?
  • I'm thinking about losing my hair dye virginity and getting some low-lights or something. Exciting stuff lemme tell ya. What do you think?
  • Yes, since you ask, my right eye is a lighter brown then the other. Its not red eye reduction gone wrong:)
Hope you have a good week ahead!
xo, Emily


  1. AWW! There is nothing cuter than a child with chocolate all over their face! Way too cute to get mad!

  2. Eleanor knows what's good :-D and as for dadd/son bonding, I love the 3rd face the most! Have a great week!

  3. Eleanor knows what's good :-D and as for dadd/son bonding, I love the 3rd face the most! Have a great week!

  4. The a ray of photos makes me want to put a silly reference to each one of them as I read Lori say she likes #3 I went back & looked & thats when I thought how cute it would be to put captions to them LOL I love them all & yep I couldn't be mad at the brownie mix either. Happy Visiting :]

  5. Such precious photos, they are sweet :) x

  6. Cute pics. :-)

    Oooh! You should totally do something fun with your hair (though it looks like you have lovely hair). I just colored mine auburn and am loving it. Prior to that, all I'd done was highlights so this was a switch.

    Movies... hm... if you like fairy-tales, check out both 'Snow White' versions and The Lucky One if you enjoy Sparks (I thought it was his best). Damon's latest ('Zoo') is charming if you like a slower pace. Sure I could think of more but yeah, I'd be taking over your comments if I kept on. LOL! ;-D