Wednesday, December 28

always more to come

I've spent a lot of time this past week working on quilts to stock up the ol' etsy shop, and i've realized that because i choose to sell only quilts made with fabric that i myself love, its really really hard to let fabric go sometimes! To let it go meaning in one sense that i want to make quilts and such for my own family and that i may never see it again if i use it for my shop, or to let it go in the sense that i'm actually going to cut into it and use it all up in general and get scared that i 'misused' it in some way. In times like that I try to remember what i always tell myself when i get online or go to my favorite fabric shop and see the mountains and mountains of new fabric that keeps coming out all the time: “There will ALWAYS be cute fabric.” I don’t need to buy every cute thing there is now or hang on to everything because coming down the line is more and more cute stuff.
Today i had one of those days, where i had the choice of cutting up some fabric, or hoarding it forever in my clutches, and you know what i did? I got online and just went to ONE shop, and low and behold there are over a hundred new CUTE lines of fabric coming out in 2012!!! here are a few of my favorites:
How lovely are these soft florals?

I also love these bright whimsical designs:

another adorable spin off of sherbet pips no doubt? but with a little red riding hood, mushrooms, and wolves!

Excited about holiday throws with this one:

and oh my holy retro love... this one leaves me speechless:

the colors:

the prints:

and possibly a soft thing or two out of this one for the new addition to the family come spring? :)

anyways, as you can see these are just coming to the one shop! If you love fabric like i do and don’t already read True Up, check out all of her posts from Quilt Market!

xo, Emmy

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! These fat quarters are so darned cute!