Saturday, December 31

a new years eve note

Wow I almost can't believe that the new year is tomorrow! wow. 2011 flew by fast, but I can honestly say that I have no regrets about the year passing on and that I am ready for this new one to start.
I have many resolutions goals for the new year, many of them are weekly or even monthly, but here are a few all around goals I've set for myself for 2012:
1. advertise on my favorite blogs
2. read & comment more (on blogs)
3. keep my shop stocked up
4. read more books to the girls
5. do something new with this hair for once.  
6. try my hand at cake decorating
7. take more pictures
8. go on a date a week (at least) with the Mr.
9. nurture physical and online friendships
10. try out lots of new recipes
...there are plenty more of course. I have this horrible habit of making far too many 'new years resolutions' being things that i want to do, mess with, or change in the coming year. They're never really things that i have to work very hard at doing though, and so that makes my part easy and fun!!

I hope you have set goals for yourself this new year that are actually attainable, so you don't get discouraged and frustrated before you even start, like so many others. something I always need to remind myself of.
enjoy your new years eve parties everyone!!!
and be safe:)

xo, Emmy

p.s. I've been planning on a 2011 recap post, but that might just pop up once the new year is already here. lame I know:) Be back soon!

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