Tuesday, December 27

picking up

I absolutely can't believe 2012 is just a few short days away! I Love the idea of starting a new year off with a super clean house, & in as many cases as possible a clean slate. So, for the past few weeks, in between all the festivities and such we've (Martin has been a tremendous help) been deep cleaning our home! We started mostly just going from room to room and just doing basic cleaning and sorting, and than moved back through to do more of a defragging of all the nooks and crannies. not an easy task in this new place! But, a finished room feels absolutely amazing, the time together spent is great, and like i said Martin has been wonderful to spend his holiday break helping me with this huge project.
We still have a few rooms to go (not counting the cleaning up from Christmas), more shelves to anchor to walls, more scrubbing and sorting, and laundry coming out our ears, but we're close!
I ended up finding this funky ruffled red & black flannel shirt while sorting through some old clothes in the closet. I've decided to wear it out with the girls to go grocery shopping & i took these few photos before we leave...

When we get back its going to be all about picking up bits of wrapping paper, eating the few remaining leftover brownies & continuing with the 15 loads of laundry left to do, with a bit of etsy quilting thrown in the mix:) Thank heaven for new Christmas book and Disney that keep the girls busy!
I hope everyone had a magical holiday weekend!

xo, Em

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