Tuesday, December 25

We wish you a merry christmas

May the simple joys of Christmas warm your heart, fill your home, and last a lifetime. ♡

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Wearing: My dress is from The Shine Project by Ashley Lamieux - Richard's suit and shoes are from Mr Mac, John's suit is from Macy's, all of the girls dresses and the kids shoes are from Target, and yes I'm wearing my converse:)

     We've been spending our Christmas with some of my family making lots of soups and treats, playing outside, singing hymns, gifting throughout the day, coloring, nail painting, hair braiding, and overall just feeling so calm and at peace. No really! haha It's been a beautiful day here, and we've also been able to celebrate little Alice a bit reaching her 10 month mark! We can hardly believe she's so grown up already, but then again, all the kids are growing and changing so much don't you think?!

     Well, I hope you've  have a fun rest of your week planned, and that you've been able to spend a little time either with your favorite people or doing your favorite activity, or eating your favorite things!

     From our whole family, we love and SO appreciate and wish the very best for every single one of you!


  1. You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. May 2019 be filled with love and laughter.

  2. Beautiful family, and your dress is stunning! Merry Christmas.

  3. I love that you have Chucks on under that beautiful dress!

  4. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FAMILY PHOTOS!!!! :) You look so great in your dress!!! Merry Christmas!

  5. These photos are stunning! You have such a beautiful family and you take the best photos! Glad you had such a relaxing Christmas. Enjoy the rest of the holidays with your kiddos! And ignore every questioning comment you get whenever you post something. It must be so exhausting having to defend yourself but you answer with such grace and patience

  6. Love these photos! you look amazing girl! Merry Christmas!

  7. Your family is so beautiful ♥ And that dress is stunning! I love that you wore Converse with it (or at least it looks like it ha ha)!