Friday, December 21

Cold weather days call for fun Family Activities

     Today's post is a fun one and a pretty quick read, and it includes a 
kinda fascinating experiment that the kids and I did together!
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     Thanks so much for being here! For those that don't know, I'm 27-years-old and my 6 kiddies are 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, and 8 months. Life is always moving fast and a little upside-down and backward too for sure, but every day that I'm faced with new hurdles to get over, I am also hitting milestones with my gang that I treasure so much, so it all evens out! That being said, there are so many things we use every day that can either make our mothering easier or harder depending on how well they work for us. I've been through a whole lot of products in my years as a mom of 6 and I love sharing my favorites with you guys, so I'm happy to be partnering with Pampers Pure again (as a die-hard fan and member of the #puretribe) to show why they rock in a fun little experiment by the kids!

          First, a little back-story:
     For the last year or so, the older girls have been asking to do everything with me all day long, and it's truly been SO sweet. There are days when I need quiet and time to focus for sure, but I love teaching them and learning from them simultaneously, and when they ask questions that I don't know the answer to, it's really fun to figure it out together as a team. This is one of the bitter-sweet milestones; having them really talk about growing up and chasing dreams and having families

     Today's post comes from a conversation the other day when I was teaching Ellie about diaper changing. She asked why we use only Pampers Pure diapers and wipes over all the other kinds of diapers. I explained to her that they were extra soft and made with simple and pure materials that were gentle on the baby's bums, and that they didn't have lots of potentially dangerous ingredients. I also talked about blowouts and how other diapers don't protect as well from leaking, and how the Pampers Pure diapers absorb really well. She asked why anyone would want to put the other 'bad' diapers on their kid's bums instead of using Pampers, and I had to laugh a little at such a cute question. I had to just explain how we all do the best we can as parents with the information we have, which is why we love to talk about good things as often as we can! 

     There was a lot more to our conversation, but in the end, we were excited to try a fun experiment of sorts on a couple diapers with all the other kids who wanted to participate too, and I'm excited to share how it went down!

      Setting it up:
- We started out by getting a diaper from another popular company in the 'clean' category in the same size as Evie is wearing in Pampers.
- We filled two identical cups with water and used a little blue food coloring to help us better watch what happened.
- We took the two diapers (one from Pampers Pure and one from the other company) and opened them up next to each other, being careful to treat them the same.

     Now for the fun part:
While John and Lydia help the two diapers open, Ellie and Sophie slowly poured the blue water onto both of the diapers at the same rate, and then I stepped in after a minute or two to do the last step! Placing a folded paper towel over both diapers, I pressed my hands down (pretty hard actually) onto both diapers equally for a few seconds, and that was it!

     Our whole family crowded around the table to see what had happened, and I was actually surprised at exactly how much more the Pampers diaper had locked away. As soon as I started pressing on them, the competing diaper immediately soaked the paper towel (you can see my very blue handprint on the left diaper above), while the Pampers diaper on the right barely let out a couple drops! You can see the indents of my hands from the pressure, and yet, almost no blue at all:)

     "WE WON!" John shouted jumping off his chair, and we all laughed.
Each kiddo wanted to take a turn pressing on the paper towels to see if the results would change, and then Sophie pointed out that while the competing diaper was very blue, that there was a kind of white layer inside the Pampers diaper over top the blue water that would seem to protect the baby's bum better than the other one. I also thought it was really neat that while the Pampers diaper didn't seem to swell more than a very slight amount after absorbing the water, the other diaper had swelled up to nearly tripled it's height, even with the water that the paper towels had taken out!

     All in all, we really did 'win' by choosing Pampers Pure with no compromising! hahaha 

     The kids are making lists of other little inside activities and experiments that they want to do together, and I'd love to hear your thoughts not only on the little test (and/or if you use and love Pampers Pure), but what other activities you love doing this time of year with or without your family? Thanks in advance!


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