Sunday, April 1

Happy Easter

      Happy Easter to you! 

     Today was a really good one for us. It was peaceful and sweet and full of so much excitement from the kids, from the minute they woke up to see their Easter baskets to our reverent family prayer before bed. I caught myself smiling through so much of the day watching them so happy. 
     My heart feels really overwhelmed with all the extreme emotions I feel on a daily basis, but today, in particular, I just felt so much gratitude. I hope you had a beautiful day no matter what you celebrate or believe, and that you were close to people you love and maybe enjoyed some yummy treats!

     Best of luck to you in the new week! I have so much goodness coming:)



  1. Awww. Cute photos. I am so glad you all are enjoying each other.

  2. your family is so precious! ♥