Saturday, March 31

Why Pampers Pure is Perfect for Us

     Disclosure: I’m excited to be a Pampers Pure #PureTribe Ambassador. I’ve been provided compensation 
and they’re keeping me stocked with diapers! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

     Well, it's been one busy, sleepy, noisy, sweet month we've had with our new little Alice, and one month as a family of 8! When she was born my oldest Eleanor was still 7, so for a little while I had 6 kids- 7 and under, which is still kinda nuts to me.haha It also makes it pretty understandable though why most of the questions I get these days (that aren't about hair) are about everything parenting and baby related, most recently being about my favorite baby essentials in particular. So, here I am today to share a couple of true essentials that I truly love, and explain a little more why I decided to join the Pampers #PureTribe!
         As many of you know, before Richard joined our family I was pretty certain that I wouldn't be having any more children and so had given all of our baby stuff away. That meant that we got to start completely fresh when I found out I was expecting, which was a neat and unusual chance for a mom of five. I got to really decide what was actually essential and needed when it comes to baby supplies, and also to make more informed decisions about what was truly the best for my baby. Enter the newly launched Pampers Pure Collection! We got to start out fresh when it came to diapers and wipes as well, and we've been so happy with that choice.

     I know so many moms like myself that have been hoping for diapers and wipes in the more 'natural' category, but have been let down many times when it came to their overall protection and durability or how gentle they really were on my babies' sensitive skin. That being said, when I first heard about the new Pampers Pure Collection of diapers and wipes I honestly thought they must be too good to be true, and Richard and I wondered where the compromise was going to come. After trying them for a while now though I can honestly say that they're exactly what I've been hoping for since I started having kids!
    The diapers are made of super soft and gentle premium cotton, plant-based fibers and other thoughtfully selected materials, they're 100% free of chlorine bleaching, parabens, natural rubber latex, fragrances, and lotions, but with all the same protection we've come to trust and depend on from Pampers, even for our super active Evie! We also love the prints, the elastic edges don't leave harsh lines on their little thighs, they fit great, and it's also amazing to me (as a mom of particularly sensitive-skinned babies) that Alice is a month old now and hasn't dealt with a single diaper rash. That's a huge deal in our house!

     The Aqua Pure wipes are also incredibly soft and silky while still being tough and durable, they're 99% water making them the highest water content wipe available and great for allover use on babies, and they're designed to help maintain the pH of baby's delicate skin. This feature in particular impressed Richard with his background in healthcare, because people don't often think about what a big difference that can make in caring for delicate skin.
     Bottom line, we as parents try hundreds of products and brands looking for the very best for our children, and knowing that these are the diapers that my babies are wearing 24/7 gives me great peace of mind. I've gone through upwards of around 30,000 diapers in my years as a mom, and I've tried many different brands that have attempted to achieve what Pampers has successfully achieved with their Pure Collection! I have been let down enough times that I was cautious about these as well, but I'm so glad instead to be able to stand behind Pampers Pure and share them with you, and tell you that there's no need for compromise anymore between performance and pure materials and adorable designs:)

     Have you tried these yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Take care, and thanks so much for visiting!


  1. I would love to see a full detailed ingredient list!

  2. Such adorable photos, I can't get over how cute they are!

    Anika |

  3. Hi there! I’ve been using Pampers for years. They have been around for a long time. Between being a nurse and a stay at home mom with a daycare I’ve changed a lot of diapers and what goes against their skin is important. I cannot wait to try Pampers Pure Products. Thank you for sharing your insight and firsthand experience with your precious little tribe.

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  5. She is beautiful....just like the others :)

  6. As a mom of boys, I’ve never used pampers. We tried them with our first but they leaked horribly. I regularly change diapers so they aren’t sitting in them for more than an hour, maybe two before they get a clean diaper. But I would frequently find their clothes soaked with Pampers. Pampers just didn’t have enough absorption up front which is wear boy pee goes. I couldn’t even use Luvs or store brands for my boys because of leaking issues. Only Huggies. My one daughter was a different story. Any brand worked for her. Most of those other brands have plenty of absorption in the back part of the diaper. Which is perfect for girls. Just doesn’t work so well for boys. At least not my boys. Lol! So for this fourth boy I’ll keep using what has worked for us.

  7. Pampers has never worked for my kids for some reason but perhaps these would. Who knows!
    Do you get water wipes in the US? Because they're 99.9% water and 0.1% grapfruit seed extract.

  8. You can get water wipes in the US but they are more expensive than the Pampers are per package! Water wipes are $4 per individual package and $5 for a 2 pack of Pampers aqua

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