Tuesday, March 14

stay tuned

     Hey dears. I'd really wanted to post today about the accident, but as I spent much of the day typing and putting thoughts together, I realized it was not just the full list of events that I wanted to share but strong thoughts and feelings surrounding what has happened since, both online and off. 
     I would post tomorrow, but I've been counting down to the 15th as it'll be the 9 month anniversary of Martin's passing, and I would prefer to keep the day special and focused on him as much as possible. I've tried to honor each month mark by helping the kids write notes to him on balloons, and then watching them disappear in the clouds like we did on the day of his funeral. (edit: It's not been every month, but it's special for us all the same:))

     That being said, please stay tuned as I'll have the long-awaited post up on the 16th, and I think we can all agree that it'll be a relief to move on with our lives and on to more productive and interesting things:)

     P.S. if you're wondering 'what accident?' check out this Instagram post and read through some of the the comments.

     Have a great night fox family:)


  1. No one's' thoughts I'd rather be able to share than yours. I pretend I'm helping you with the weight.
    Sometimes in the eyes of a child we can see what is within. You are like that.

  2. It makes me sad that you have to make so many reactionary posts. It is so obvious to me that you try to keep your blog full of love and light, and I don't understand why people think that the fact that you write a blog means that they need to know every single detail about your life.

    I hope that you have a lovely time celebrating Martin today, and I hope that it helps your children feel closer to their father.

  3. You don't owe anyone any long explanation here...just refer them to FB and move on. Don't expend any more emotional energy into it! ♥ Hope you both are healing well.

  4. You don't owe anyone any explanation! Don't let anyone get to you or Richard. This is your positive space, always has been, always will. You are so inspiring, always being above the negative aspects of the Internet and a positive light to your followers. Blessings to you all on the anniversary of Martin's passing.

  5. Dear Emily and Family,
    Awhile back I emailed you out of concern for your kiddos and the effects of losing their father and your rapid remarriage. I did so out of what I thought was love and my own experience with a similar experience. Well, I would like to apologize. I am truly sorry. You have enough on your plate with healing and beginning again (which takes extreme courage btw) and didn't need my experience and opinion clouding your day. Please forgive me. My intentions were honorable, but misguided. To move forward with courage and an absence of fear is beautiful and a rare quality. My experience as a child who lost her father and whose mother remarried six months later, is not yours. You have a beautiful family and a kind heart. It is apparent that you are a great Mother. I wish all of you the very best, and thank you for your example of love, faith, and fearlessness.

  6. In the most friendly and empathetic way possible, I would like to encourage you to reconsider monthly balloon releases. In addition to being unbiodegradable (90% of the time), released balloons are very dangerous to wildlife, who frequently eat them once they pop, causing all sorts of damage. You're so creative, I bet you can figure out a way to practice this very sweet ritual without the environmentally detrimental balloons.

    1. I have to chime in to agree with Chloe. I volunteer with a children's bereavement camp (Comfort Zone Camp - check it out when your kids are old enough!) and we had to stop doing balloon releases for this very reason. I think balloon manufacturers claim they disintegrate when they pop, but they actually don't. I've been searching for corn-based or other biodegradable balloons, but they don't exist (yet!).

      For an alternative, try putting notes into a campfire for the flames/smoke to carry to heaven.

    2. This is a wonderful idea. I had no idea myself. I have released balloons with notes to my father. I will find other ways now. Thank you for your information 💗

  7. No need to explain anything to anybody.