Friday, November 20

say hi baby girl

Happy Friday! I already cover this in the video, but basically I'm just excited and anxious/nervous to start putting up lots more videos finally! I pretty much just wanted to say "Hi, I'm back." officially instead of starting off out of the blue with some random makeup tutorial or something. That's it.haha Also Evelyn makes a brief (and somewhat messy) appearance as well which is pretty fun:)

And that's that! I've kinda inched my little channel through the mud since I started it, but as I said I feel that I've really lost a lot of inhibitions through everything that's gone on this year, and so I'm just looking forward to getting a fresh start after all this time. 

I promise I'll try to look presentable as much as I can, and some days I'll do my makeup and hair just for a video I'm sure, but expect many more messes like Evie shared, crazy flyaways, oversized t-shirts, peanut-butter faces, spray-tan nuckles, laundry piles, and much more of that sort.haha

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Take care,


  1. I seriously LOVE your video because it portrays real life: baby spit up, making dinner, kids at school, family life etc.
    Thanks for being real!

  2. I have only watched one other video from you before, the one with you and your husband on his new journey. I would love to hear more real life stuff. How you cook for a family of 7, schedule, how to balance things, family favorite traditions and/or activities, how to look presentable as a mom but quickly,etc. Anyways, excited for you and to learn more about you and hear your advice and tips.

  3. Welcome back! We have missed you but, of course, understand why you have had to be away! I'm still praying for your family and hope everything is going well! 'd love to see more of the deeper stuff on your channel! Family, kids, life :)

  4. This was an awesome video. Such a sweet smile Evelyn has!! Love your eye makeup and lipstick in the video. Curious what you used.

  5. Love the video and Evelyn's sweet smile!! Glad you will be posting more. Love your eye makeup and lipstick in this video. What did you use?

  6. Of course I love seeing tutorials, advice, and tips - but I have loved seeing your heart grow in your journey with 5 kids and husband. I would love to hear the more deeper things that are happening and how you are all coming together as a family. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your heart and story! xo

  7. Love the mom life video! I want to hear more about what's previously been said plus about how you prepare for childbirth and all that fun stuff!

  8. The vomit though! So beautiful, so real :D

  9. Emily,
    You have such a lovely home and beautiful family. It takes hard work and determination to do what you do. You are a great inspiration!
    Evelyn and my newest little one have the same birthday!
    God bless you Meyer family

  10. Emily,
    You have a beautiful family and a lovely home. It takes hard work and determination to do what you do. Thank you for being my inspiration!
    Evelynis pressious :) she and my newest little one have the same birthday.
    God bless,

  11. I'd love to see some home tour videos of your new space, renovation, diy success and failures. Thanks for sharing!

  12. "...and don't mind the vomit on my shirt" that was amazing! :)

  13. I finally got around to watching this video. Evelyn is so adorable. I love how interested in the camera she was. Too cute! Thank you for keeping it real. :)