Thursday, November 19

something to hold on to

Hello friends:) Last week we packed the kiddos up and drove to SLC on a little trip. Mainly it was to visit some of our family who we'll miss over Thanksgiving, and also to have some family pictures taken.  We've been doing Christmas cards(with our own photos) every year since we had Ellie, but after having our pictures professionally done last Fall by our great friend Justin Hackworth, it was clear we'd never go back to shooting ourselves if we could help it. We decided to create a standing appointment for every holiday season with him, though I think it'll be hard to top this year's photo shoot.haha

Here is one of my favorite images out of a couple Justin sent us right afterwards. I just love Martin's smile:)
There are more parts to our trip and experience that I'd love share in a later post, but something that I wanted to stress for today is to please, please take pictures of your family or preferably have them taken, if you can possibly manage it! We have more pictures of our day to day lives than a lot of people as a result of this blog, but not too surprisingly the only time we get every single member into one picture (maybe even looking one direction? :)) is once a year for our holiday picture, and that's just absolutely priceless to me.

I try not to get into the archives of my picture files too often lately, as I'm having a hard time watching my babies get so big and independent, but a few months ago when I thought I'd lost thousands of pictures from the last year, it was way more devastating than I could have expected. I was so sad to hear how many of you guys had been through a similar situation.

There is definitely something to be said for living in the moment and not worrying about capturing it on camera (there's definitely been plenty of that with us too), but photographs = memories to my overly crowded brain, and with such an uncertain future, I hold onto each and every memory that I possibly can. 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words? But I'd go farther (and cheesier) to say it's worth a thousand smiles, a thousand morning cuddles, a thousand jelly faces, and/or maybe a thousand kisses on his scratchy cheek:)

Sorry for the random PSA.haha Just something to think about on a cold and rainy evening. 
Have you had photos taken yet this year, or do you plan on getting them done? Say yes! haha 



  1. This picture is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Can I ask- where did you get your dress?

  2. I love this post. We could all do better to live in the moment instead of getting caught up in the craziness of daily life. I want to do a yearly photo shoot, too.

  3. We do yearly photos too. Love them so much. We did ours at the end of October before I got my big cast on my foot and then pictures would never be the same!!!

  4. This is so sweet, Emily. I totally agree, pictures, pictures, pictures, always. I'm usually very good about pulling out my camera every now and then - both because of my blog and also because I feel the same way you do about keeping pictures. But my family isn't as good, and I know my boyfriend gets embarrassed. But they're so valuable xx Thank you for the inspiration x

  5. Did you end up being able to retrieve your iphone photos?

  6. My husband and I decided to take pictures of us together once a week a year or two ago. Some weeks we forget, but still we have a lot more pictures of us than we used to.

  7. Great, heartwarming advice...sometimes we forget the value of having physical photos that capture memories to pass down to our children one day!

    ~ Sammi of The Feather Box Blog

  8. This picture is simply beautiful.

  9. This year we had printed our first "serious" Christmas card as a couple. Last year we just did something silly that I designed with our cats on it. Haha But this year, we dressed up nice (dare I say... adult-like!?) and armed with a selfie stick, we took a few wonderful Christmas pictures that I am quite proud of considering the way by which we took the pics.

    I'd love to get some really nice professional pictures done of us for our home, but I don't know if I can rationalize getting professional pictures done just for Christmas cards (not until we have little ones anyways). Buying 35 Christmas cards with our mugs plastered on them cost enough!

    I can't wait to see the rest of your pics. That one turned out beautiful!