Sunday, September 14

Blast From The Past: Fall activity and date ideas collection!

Hey my friendly friendsies! I'm gearing up to share a whole lot more of myself than I'm used to here and on YouTube so I've been pretty nervous the last little while! but it's the weekend now and Fall is nearly here (it's already getting cold in Idaho!), and I've been getting so many emails lately about seasonal dates that I figured I should group these all together in a post to make it easier and more fun for us all! So here is the official Fall Date Ideas list to start the party off:
1. Get lost in a corn maze with thermoses of your favorite hot drinks
2. Take popcorn and hot cider to a local community outdoor concert
3. Visit a haunted house
4. Have a board game night
5. Go to a gym and workout together
6. Write out a Fall Bucket List together (take turns choosing activities)
7. Have a bonfire party with with flannel blankets (invite more couples maybe?)
8. Go ice skating 
9. Make Haunted Gingerbread houses with Halloween colored candy and icing
10. Rake some leaves together, play in them, and rake them up again:!
11. Cuddle by a fire with hot drinks and read Edger Allen Poe together
12. Visit your local visitors center and go on a historic tour of your own town
13. Fly kites on a windy day
14. Give little care packages or blankets to some homeless people 
15. Pick out Halloween Costumes together, and have a fashion show!
16. Make caramel apples together
17. Have a marathon party and watch a whole season of a favorite show (with lots of snacks)
18. Visit a local arcade and play all the two man video games
19. Go roller skating 
20. Go to a local harvest festival
21. Go to a concert together
22. Turn the lights off and tell ghost stories with a flash light
23. Go bowling with some family or friends
24. Go to the County fair, and don't leave out the ferris wheel
25. Visit a new restaurant neither of you have ever tried
26. Go for a bike ride together along a scenic trail
27. Schedule a private ballroom dance lesson for the two of you
28. Spend the date at a big bookstore and grab some cocoa from the little cafe
29. Have a scary movie marathon, with only one blanket:)
30. Bake a pumpkin or apple pie together
31. Take a walk on a deserted beach and breath in the chilly sea air
32. Explore a local farmers market and buy a few new homemade treats to try together
33. Go to a pumpkin patch 
34. Pumpkin carving/decorating together
35. Go for a walk and or picnic out in the country where you can really see the changing season
36. Go horseback riding
37. Really surprise him or her with a romantic hot air balloon ride
38. Put a simple quilt together (if your guy will go for it), and then snuggle in it!
39. Bring a pizza to the park and toss a frisbee or football
40. Make lots of tailgating snacks and watch 'the big game'
41. Make a fun video together and post it to youtube! (try talking in accents or doing magic tricks, etc)
42. Go Geocaching (a local treasure hunt where you use a GPS
43. Have a costume party with friends
44. Go shopping for some fall decor and things (don't leave out the flannel sheets!)
45. Climb onto your roof with some blankets and star gaze
46. Rent a canoe or kayak and go enjoy all the Fall colors out on the water
47. Visit a $1 store with an equal budget, and pick out silly meaningful gifts for each other
48. Go to a zoo together, and don't leave out eh gift shop and little restaurant
49. Make Halloween sugar cookies and deliver them to friends or family
50. Go to a local college or high school sporting event

Just reading through that list has me so excited about this new season! Also before I finish I wanted to make sure and include the 101 COMPLETELY FREE DATE IDEAS
also the 50 FUN DATE IDEASand last but not least my FALL FUN CHECKLIST from a couple years ago that we use year after year!

I innetially wrote out these lists after posting to instagram that Martin and I strive for weekly dates, and since then we love to refer to them when we're headed out of the house without a plan for the night, and I hope that they can be inspiring to you as well! I've been getting enough emails about ideas for dates and seasonal activities that I figured these were too buried, so I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Have a great rest of your day, and please leave a favorite Fall date or activity of your own that's not included on the list!
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  1. I love your ideas!!! recently I made the 1 dollar store with equal budget and my adorable husband bought me> whoopee cushion, wig, and others silly things . It was actually very funny
    The horror movie marathon is one of my favorite !
    Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas , you are a sweet heart!

  2. I love this entire list and will try to do most of it plus more this Fall :)

  3. These are awesome ideas!! Love it girl!

  4. They all sound like fun! If only I had a guy to do them with... :)

  5. So many great ideas, and some that are so budget friendly! Thanks for the list <3

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

  6. These are all so adorable ideas!
    Much Love, AnnCates xx

  7. I think this list is fabulous and I linked it on my blog ( - I hope that was okay. :) Such a refreshing way to spend time with a significant other. I hope to do every single one of these! Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Always love these posts! So many simple ideas that I wouldn't think about :) Such a pity we don't have halloween and that people doesn't get as pumped with fall in general... -.- I love fall, but we don't have many celebrations to look forward to!

    My Blog: Blueberry segmentS
    My Youtube Channel: Blueberry segmentS

  9. There are some great ideas there I haven't ever thought of thanks!

  10. I can't wait to put in practice some of this lovely date ideas! Fall is such a nice time
    With love,

  11. Just what I needed to cheer my husband up about the end of summer! (Floridians displaced to more northern climes can get a little winter weary.)

  12. Thank you for the list! it helps me figure out what I could possibly do with my love. Because once you have been with someone for so long, you feel like you have done everything:P

    lovely blog!

  13. I really appreciate your work, these tips are helpful! Wish you lots inspiration!