Saturday, September 13

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: was pretty crazy and pretty humorous, and the weather has been getting colder every day! Don't get me wrong there has been some great sunshine and we even went swimming, but the familier smell of Fall is definitely there in the air. Also we have to wear coats on all our evening walks and especially when I go out for errands in the morning! brrr.

The humorous things this week have included one of our bushes getting dug up and stolen during the night (full story and picture here), our front doorknob falling to pieces in my hand as I walked into the house, the neighbors cat deciding he liked our home much more than his own and refusing to leave, and the fact that I bought the kids all slushes for the first time in ages (a real treat I thought), and they wanted to throw them away so they could play on the playground instead! Silly kids.haha 
To-do's and Goals for the Week:
- have Martin make me another cup of his scrumptious hot chocolate

- start another book
- get caught up on emails!
- go on a hot sushi date
- do cardio every day this week
- film every day this week!
- have a big family clean-the-house day
- call a friend just to chat
- glean the garden for the last of the produce
- make another batch of yogurt
- read to the kiddies every night
- take a little time for me every day

A Few Facts: 
  • my revulsion at spiders only seems to be getting worse as I get older. Maybe it's the fact that as it gets colder we have many more moving into our house, but they're huge-ness and hair-ness and fast-ness is causing severe mental breakdowns with this girl lately! Ugh-bleck-barf
  • pie is always a good idea. always.
  • OMG while we're talking about treats I had a friend bring me one of the Starbucks pumpkin cream cheese muffins and they are To Die For.
  • this week I've realized that you can never have too many plants in your house. Unless it looks like the house in Jumanji, than you may have a few too many.haha

Thanks so much for reading today my sweet people And I hope you have something fun planned today that'll ease up the Monday blues if you have them! See you tomorrow for somethin fun:)
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  1. I have a bug guy who comes and sprays around the outside of my house once a month. Cannot recommend enough. It's inexpensive, and we don't get ants, spiders, or other bugs. And any wasp nests we spot on the property are taken care of (they come out for free if it's between spraying).

    1. wow that sounds great, thank you so much for the suggestion! It sounds perfect for us. I shouldn't be such a baby, but I literally can handle every other type of pest-big or small including snakes and mice! I just can't handle spiders.haha #Arachnophobe

  2. Have me time every day? Every week I read your blog and can't believe the amount of me time you have for a mother of so many little ones. Between working out, doing your hair, videos and date night, you do more that doesn't involve your kids in a week than I do in 6 months

    1. Thank you so much for being a reader! and you're totally right I should be more grateful for the time I already have, but besides those few hours we snag a babysitter for on the weekends for date night and those 10:30pm visits to the gym when martin's home sleeping with the kids, I do actually have all four of them with me 24/7! haha Which is great don't get me wrong, but the kiddies are there reading books or coloring at my feet while I do hair tutorials, and taking naps next-door while I do my videos, they're just off camera playing with rocks and things while I shoot my outfits (unless it's before date night again:)), and they're the taste-testers while I whip together my recipes! haha I don't prefer to fill my blog pages with their sweet faces too much, but every day my planned post didn't get up on the blog it's because Lydia is teething or Johnny has a runny nose, or it was just a beautiful day and the park was calling:) I am a full-time mom first and fore-most, so I guess when I said 'me time' I think of little moments of silence all to myself during a really loud and action filled day.haha

      Wow sorry for the novel, but I'm glad you commented and I hope you have a great day!

  3. such cute pictures and I love your dedication, you post so often! I hope you have a great week and I look forward to reading your next post :)

  4. I love your -byte notebooks! Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

    The Mama Gazette