Monday, April 8

Anniversary Week - 50 Date Ideas

Happy Monday! As you can see from the total  this week is going to be Anniversary week on the blog, because ours falls in the middle of the week and I have a few relationships/marriage etc themed posts that I've been excited about posting for a while! I have tips and ideas, a yummy recipe, pictures that I've never had on the blog before, and a few appearances from the Mr. which is rare indeed! 
For my post today I'm actually going to be answering a question that I've received several times from readers and its about what we do for dates or can we share date ideas! So here are 50 date Ideas just off the top of my head. Some are seasonal, some are favorites, and some are ones we've never tried but want too, at any rate I hope they get you excited to go out on your next date with your someone special! 
50 Fun Date Ideas:
1. take a cooking class
2. order takeout and have a game night
3. visit an orchard together and pick some fruit
4. go stargazing with a blanket
5. go to a band concert, make it a surprise
6. cook a meal together
7. go boating or kayaking 
8. have a picnic
9. take a trip to a home supply store and pick out a simply project ot do together
10. visit local community plays or concerts
11. go ice-skating or roller skating
12. pick a little foreign restaurant you've never tried
13. play croquet or other outdoor games
14. attend a farmers market
15. go to a local fair or circus together
16. take a hike or long walk
17. go rock climbing together
18. dress up for a black tie date night out to dinner
19. visit a karaoke bar, and force each other to sing!
20. go bowling
21. go antiquing
22. get some helium balloons and have fun:)
23. buy a few dozen roses and hand them out at a nursing home
24. go visit the batting cages on a puzzle together (300+pieces :))
26. visit your local SPCA or animal shelter
27. play outdoor water games on a hot day (water balloons, volleyball, water guns, etc)
28. attend a poetry reading or 
29. make a time capsule 
30. watch some home movies with popcorn
31. go to a thrift-shop and pick out an outfit for each other
32. visit a haunted house
33. go watch a sports game of your local highschool or college 
34. watch a scary movie late at night
35. go by your local visitors center and visit the tourist spots in your town 
36. read a book together, take turns reading
37. have a video game night
38. serve at a soup kitchen(or community function)
39. workout together
40. visit a museum or art gallery together
41. have a day roadtrip to a nearby county
42. go fishing off a dock
43. fly a kite (maybe build it first?)
44. take a community class together (art, pottery, etc)
45. have a fondue night 
46. go horseback-riding
47. have appetizers at once restaurant, dinner at another, and dessert at another
48. take on a big project like candle or soap making
49. have a movie marathon (pick a series or theme)
50. go on a bike ride

I hope you've thought of a few new things to do for date night! I know that we fall into funks a lot of the time and we're going to the movies every single time we get a date, which isn't bad, but its sure nice to switch things up a bit, and I always learn new things about Martin, and myself. 
Anyways, leave any ideas you may have in the comments for me and the rest of us as well! We're always on the lookout for more ideas:)
Have a great week ahead everyone, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!
xo, Emily


  1. Bookmarking this page! It's always good to break out of routine and do something fun and different.

  2. Such a lovely list, looking forward to the rest of your relationship/marriage posts.


  3. I love all these ideas! My favorite thing to do with my man is going to the bookstore. We don't get to date each other nearly often enough!

  4. Love your glad you followed me on twitter, so I could find your blog! xoxo

  5. awww happy upcoming anniversary! love these date ideas! thanks to you i'm sure i'll be planning fondue night/thrifting/hiking/concert for this summer :)

  6. found you through you following me on twitter. totally sending this link to my bf. you have some awesome ideas! For some reason I am really into the idea of batting cages haha.

  7. Great list! It can be easy to be on repeat... or just not do anything. This will help keep that from happening :)

  8. I'm bookmarking this for the next time we need an idea!

  9. Love this!! Very cute!

  10. Great ideas, I'm blessed that my husband and I work together so we are together 24/7. But we are together 24/ we can fall into a funk and routine much easier (I think) than other couples. I'm going to put some of your suggestions into action to avoid that funk.

    Happy Anniversary :)

    xxoo - jessica

  11. Lovely ideas! Happy anniversary

  12. Great ideas!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    ♡Lots of love

  13. Just wanted you to know that you were featured in our ULTIMATE Date Idea Round-up today! Thanks for sharing your date ideas! XOXO, The Dating Divas

  14. Great… I also followed one of the listed ideas recently while dating a Persian girl. We both attended a poetry reading and it was so romantic for both of us. I found me girl online at and she appeared to be the best ever partner for me. I had great experience in poetry reading where we both found new ways to express the feelings through words.

  15. I haven't tried online dating games but yes dinner with someone you don't know can get upsetting from the second you sit down, outstanding post liked learning it.

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  18. Amazing list.On one of our first dates,my guy and I challenged one another to a "triathlon" of activities we both preferred.We chose to contend in Foosball,Pac-man, and pizza-eating.We were laughing the entire time, and now,some piece of the fun of "triathloning" is thinking of three "events" we can contend in.We've done ice skating,Connect Four, and M&M-eating and some other time,we did swimming,jumping, and onion ring eating.Thank you.
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