Friday, August 8

Friday Finds #99

This week I found...
1  | this quilted vest that proves to me that there is one out there meant for me. hello beautiful. 
2  | this amazing looking recipe for balsalmic watermelon chicken salad is just what I needed right now.
3  | this print that's sweet and inspiring. I'd love to frame it somewhere in the girls room. 
4  | I was so happy to find this pair of geometric laser-cut glasses on nastygal this week. love this style. 
5  | this beautiful photo from the amalfi coast gives me the motivation I needed to finally get my passport. 
6  | this soft nude pastel scarf on etsy is my favorite color lately, especially in scarf form:)
7  | I'm really quite in love with these boots if that's a real thing. perfect color, shape, buckles, everything. 
8  | this shimmer dry oil gives me hope of having glowing skin for the last months before winter.
9  | pralines is one of my favorite food groups:) so course I can't wait to try them in chocolate cake.
10  | soft graphic shirts like this one are more what I've been gravitating towards lately. very cute. 

11  | this dark cabernet tote from madwell proves to me that they can do no wrong, as I suspected.

It's been a busy week! We're finishing up plans for any last minute Summer activities and starting ro chop wood and things for Fall- pretty crazy! Thanks for visiting today, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow friends!
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  1. those boots are adorable!

  2. "What if I fall?..." I love that quote. Amalfi is such a beautiful place, as Capri, Positano...

  3. Shades, T-Shirt and Boots! Thumbs up for them! Like it! Need it! Will buy it..some day :)

  4. I love everything especially the sunglasses, so cute!


  5. I love love that sunglasses and print! You've got a good taste :-)

    Katrina Sophia

  6. love that boot :) Ah i need it

  7. I worked at Madewell and can attest to the fact that all their leather goods just get better-looking with use (especially the riding boots!) Worth the buy for sure! xx