Thursday, August 7

Rainy Day Comforts - 24 ideas to beat the blues

Hey you:) We've been having a ton of rain here these last couple of days which is pretty out of the ordinary for this area, and there's actually been a lot of flooding of fields and parking lots which was starting to get scary! It's let up now and the rest of the week looks sunny and clear, but I thought I'd share a few things we like to do when it's cold and wet and dreary outside:
  1. make some herbal tea or hot chocolate
  2. build a big blanket fort
  3. play some iron and wine or your favorite similar band
  4. do a little online window shopping, careful though! :)
  5. cook up a pot of soup and some bread or rolls to go with it
  6. take out some pencils or paints and let loose
  7. do some yoga together
  8. take a nap 
  9. spend just five minutes cleaning in every room in your house
  10. take on an indoor DIY project you haven't had time for
  11. take out a map or globe and a notebook and make plans for future trips to exotic places
  12. fill up a box or two with stuff to donate
  13. light a fire in the wood-stove or hearth
  14. wash and fold all the dirty laundry in the house
  15. have a dance party
  16. play some favorite records
  17. have a skype or google hangout with family or friends
  18. have an indoor picnic on the floor
  19. go through old photos and organize them into albums
  20. wrap up in your softest blankets and read a book
  21. make sugar cookies and have fun decorating them
  22. break out the board games
  23. write letters to long distance friends or family
  24. make some popcorn and have marathon of your favorite series
Well there you have it! I hope this little list of ideas can help cure your rainy day blues or even help you on your next snow day if you're reading this during the winter months:) Before you go though I'd love to hear if you have a favorite pass-times you'd care to share in the comments, and thanks as usual for visiting today!
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  1. Loved absolutely everything on this list. Makes me long so much for the rain (we're suffering a major drought here in california). I miss so much being able to listen to and smell the rain. I'm jealous! :)

  2. Great list! I love reading a good book with a cup of tea and looking out at the rain. So comforting!

    Susie | june lorraine

  3. Dance party & sugar cookies. Yes yes yes. That would help me on any day. :] // ☼

  4. I really like your list and I'm going to bookmark this page for when the rainy weather comes :)

  5. Tea is definitely my go-to rainy day remedy :)

  6. I've always love your lists, and this one is perfect too! rainy days = snuggles + naps ;)

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  7. It's been rainy here as well (in Colorado) so we've been stuck inside in the evenings when the storms roll in. Love your list of things to do!

  8. Such a lovely list. I love #1 Hot chocolate with whipped cream and Marshmallows snuggled up on the sofa. Popcorn and a movie marathon also sounds fab x

  9. Just stumbled across your blog and loved this post! Iron & Wine and Bon Iver is basically the only music that exists to me on rainy days. Also all about that nap life regardless of the weather!

    Really great list!

    - Victoria from

  10. This is such a cute post! I love it! These are such adorable ideas, thank you for sharing!

    Chloe The Redhead | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  11. We haven't had real rain in a long time, here in California. But these all sound so cozy!

  12. absolutely love this post :)

  13. The blanket fort all the way!
    But I also like to just snuggle up on my couch and watch a good ol' Jane Austen film :)

  14. I've been recently made unemployed and seem to be sending most of my days indoors. I love this cute little list. I'm going to see how many I can tick off this week <3

  15. Nice post ;-)

  16. Such great ideas! Thank you :D xx