Saturday, February 8

Weekend Wrap-up -

This Week: This week was huge! A lot of big decisions like how to redesign/remodel our home office(my blogging space), wither or not to move forward with a new shop, selling property or not, we had the biggest snowfall we've had all year and probably for the last several years, I made some very big and exciting business connections, our little baby turned 3 months, Downton Abbey season 4 came in the mail *wink*, Martin and I made a really exciting goal(details later), I asked on instagram to share your thoughts about sharing deeply personal struggles and the like on the internet and was really overwhelmed by your support and encouragement(Thank You!), and last but not least I took the first trip I've ever taken to the emergency room with a child since being a mom with Johnny-boy who decided to dive bomb to the floor in a wooden chair:( Somehow he managed to slice into his ear like an inch and a half and there was blood all over the side of his head and down his neck. I was freaking out! and I didn't realize for like a half hour because he didn't even cry.haha He's so tough. 
Anyway's he ended up getting sedated by a couple nurses and then the surgeon gave him 11 stitches, and he was extra sweet and loopy for the rest of the afternoon:) Thank you all so so much for your prayers and sweet thoughts sent our way yesterday! I know it doesn't seem like too big of a deal, but seeing your little one laying there like that with all the tubes and cords, it's so sad and scary. Poor baby boy. All's well now though:)

To-do's and Goals for the Week: 
- paint my office!
- prep a few meals for the week
- put together my new desk
- catch up on laundry (story of my life)
- buy some strawberries
- start a new book
- go on our little family trip
- take a really long bath
- catch up on emails

A Few Facts: 
  • I passed out in a pool when I was little and they took me to the ER. I started singing You Are My Sunshine to the doctors I guess so they knew I'd be okay.haha
  • Water always tries to kill me. Always.
  • I wanted to be a auto mechanic when I was in highschool, but my dad told me that no one would ever marry a girl with greasy fingernails.haha
  • I'm one of those people who hates their own handwriting, but doesn't think they have time to practice.
  • I love strawberries lately. so much. 
Be sure and follow on instagram if you'd like to keep up with us during the week, and thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog today! I hope you have a fantastic Valentines holiday week coming up this week, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!
xo, Emily

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  1. I am so sorry about your little one and I love that you and your hubby work out together!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. It's my favorite! I can do much better when he's spotting me:)
      thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. Glad your little boy is okay! I feel weepy even looking at your picture of him because my 1.5 yr old son just spent a week in the hospital with a burn from a cup of tea(!). Of course they make it through these injuries and live to tell about it, but we mommies...arrrrrrghhhh...