Thursday, February 6

What I Wore // Pixelated Houndstooth

Hey guys. So I'm pretty convinced that houndstooth is my print. You know how we all have a print that we tend to gravitate towards, that we know we love and feel comfortable will look good on us? That's how I feel about houndstooth. I have it on scarves, skirts, shirts, jackets, dresses, now these pants. All I need now are these heels:) I am trying something new with this whole largescale and pixelated thing though, but I think it works, albeit a little bold. Hey that's another thing about those prints of ours, we know we love them enough to buy them online.haha These pants came from and are the first pants I've ever bought over the internet. fancy that:)
glasses - c/o forever 21
earrings - gift (no brand, sorry!)
scarf - target 
blazer - c/o macy's
shirt - deb
bracelets - nordstrom rack
pants - c/o forever 21
heels - c/o sam & libby (similar )

Now you know what I'm going to ask: What's Your print? are you a houndstooth girl too? Chevron? polka-dots? herringbone? You can tell me:) haha I hope you have an excellent day my dears! Thanks so much as usual for visiting my blog and reading my posts, it means a whole whole lot!
See you again soon,
xo, Emily  
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  1. I've only been reading your blog for a couple of months, so you might have covered this before, but I'm just really incredulous at how you seem to look so glamorous EVERY DAY...especially with 4 kids! I have a three year old and a four year old and I feel like I can barely find the motivation to get myself into jeans every day, let alone do hair/makeup/accessorize. How do you manage??

  2. Love the ensemble, you always look so chic. And obviously houndstooth looks great on you. I feel like lately I've been wearing a lot of plaid but when it gets warmer out I know I'll be getting back into polka dots. I love stripes, but they scare me.

  3. I'm 100% a stripes girl!!! I naturally gravitate towards anything with even the tiniest hint of a's a little insane.

  4. Polka dots! Sometimes stripes. But I am always drawn to polka dots because they're such a classic, yet fun print. I have a polka dot dress from Modcloth that I bought a few months ago . . . I still haven't been able to wear it because of my pregnant belly haha, but I'm looking forward to wearing it this summer! :)

  5. the hair and the houndstooth get up here totally reminds me of Mad Men. You rocked this look :)

  6. You're making me want to buy these ASAP! So cute!! I always tend to go for polka dots or stripes, so I need to venture out more!!

  7. I love how your printed pants looks simple yet elegant..and perfect match with your shoes!

  8. These trousers are awesome and they look so great on you! I've really been loving patterned pants lately.

  9. those pant are amazing! unfortunate i am not really a print girl and if i do prints it usually something really subtle like polka dots.maybe one day i will be brave enough x love your look!

  10. I'm always attracted to chevrons, stripes and polka dots. I have mostly stripes, as they can be found everywhere. The other patterns are more difficult to find in the right color combinations.

  11. Have I told you lately how gorgeous you are Emily? And always so put together! I don't even have kids, and I barely have a chance to do my makeup on any given day :)

  12. These are really great pants! I tend to gravitate towards animal prints. In the funniest way too, because I'm definitely more of a girly girl at heart. So I wear girly dresses in leopard, zebra, or snake print. And it's even starting to extend into my workout gear.

  13. I am a polka dots girl! Love them and got probably one piece for every pain clothes item - skirt, dress, shirt, cardigan, coat etc with dots!!! Love your pants and I really am amazed by your great body right after giving birth, wow!!

  14. OMG I absolutely love those houndstooth pants! Your whole look is gorgeous!