Tuesday, December 3

What We Wore - Sister Style // Winter is Here

Hey guys! So I have someone I'd like you to officially meet, my sister Jordan! I've never really introduced anyone from my family to you guys before since this blog is just about my life with my honey and kiddos, so this is a fun first for me and I hope it is for you! 
(That was our glamour shot in case you couldn't tell:)) If you follow me on instagram than you probably already recognize her because we get together as often as we can, and pictures just happen people! I come from a pretty big family as you know, and I'm the youngest of the girls, so since Jordan is just older than me we pretty much grew up side by side in everything that we did. I'm happy to say that all that hanging out together created an inevitable friendship that's not just carried on as we grew up left home and went to school, got married, etc, (cheese alert) but it's really grown a lot stronger!
Most of my family's been really supportive of this crazy blogging career of mine, especially this girl, so when she and her hubster came for a visit last weekend I wasn't surprised when I suggested that we stand in the street and take pictures together (while cars drive by and people stare:)) and she said "sure, why not!" what a trooper.haha
what she wore: hat - etsy // earrings - claires // necklace - thrifted // shirt - // sweater - nordstroms // rings - h&m // leggings - target // boots - famous footwear
Well on a separate note, how is your month going so far? Are you making any fun holiday plans? is it cold or snowing where you are? I'm kind-of relieved to have Thanksgiving over with and three weeks to go till Christmas. I feel like the last couple months have been really soaked up with prepping for Lydia, having her, recovering from the birth, then having engagements here and there and company to play with. Time really flew by! I need to just step back now, take a deep breath, and sort my brain out a bit more... What am I talking about that's the story of my life.haha Am I right?
what i wore: earrings - gift // scarf - etsy // jacket - target // dress - macy's // tights - macy's // heels - ross
Well anyway's, I hope you've enjoyed getting to know my sister a little better, and I look forward to including more Sister Style on the blog here and there when visits turn into traipsing around the streets together with a camera.haha Would you like that?

Have a great day my friends! You guys make my day, every day. :)
xo, Em
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  1. I love her boots, so cute!


  2. How great you get along so well with your sister! :D Great pictures :D

    xo Noor

  3. Where do we get boots like Jordan's?? Love them!! The pictures of you two are awesome :)

  4. I just love your blog, it has quickly become one of my favorites! I'm also really excited that Christmas is coming, December is just the best season in my opinion... I live in Costa Rica, so summer is just about to start, warm sunny breezy days are coming :)

  5. Geez, long beautiful hair must run in your family :) Beautiful pictures!

  6. You guys are too cute! My sister & I are super close too!


  7. You both look so freakin cute and love the winter layers and beanie!


  8. Awesome outfits! And no, its not cold here at all :-) I live in central Florida is this coming up week the weather is in the 80s ;p crazy right?

  9. You truly look amazing!!! I love reading about your life. It is super fun to get to know your family too. You are always an inspiration to me. :)

  10. I love all of the knits! Y'all are looking fabulous! Also, I never really noticed how long your hair was until now. I'm growing mine out again and I'm just now remembering all of the upkeep longer hair takes. You hair looks wonderful. I'm glad you have such a supportive sister!

  11. Is it your post delivery body? You look beautiful. Emily please share the secrets of your healthy diet and excercise. I like the outfit of your sister. It is a nice combination. Really cute!

  12. I love this! :) I want to do one with my sister now! :) Not sure if she'd be up for it.. but we can try! Very cute! Excited to read more now that you are back at the computer a little more! :) -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. Oh I love that you included your sister!!! So great! Love your scarf.. it adds so much to your look!

  14. Awh how sweet. : ) Cute styles. Both of you have gorgeous hair :)


  15. You guys are too cute! And you both have the most beautiful, long hair!!! I love that scarf, it's really cute with the big buttons, and looks really warm :) and your dress is really cool, I like that it's like..kinda peplum but not all the way! I'm enjoying your blog :)

  16. So pretty x


  17. You ladies just look lovely! Can't even believe you got a baby just about 3 weeks ago! You look stunning!
    Hope you're doing great :)

  18. You and your sister are so cute--and you both got blessed with amazing hair genes! Also, HOW did you just have a baby!?!? There's got to be some secret that no one told me--I had a baby 6 months ago, and you are lapping me by a mile! :)

  19. You both look lovely! I love having a sister...they're the best! :-)


  20. You and your sister are both way too stylish and beautiful!

  21. Wow your family has some good genes! ;) haha Both very stunning ladies!