Monday, December 16

Holiday Hair Week: The Twist Wrapped Bun

Hey everyone! Okay so I'm back today with the second tutorial in this little mini series, and I'm calling it The Twist Wrapped Bun, because that's exactly what it is! I did this style in about two minutes, it doesn't require any curling or other preparation, and it's super sleek and perfectly party ready! What do you think?
It's kinda tough to find styles that can look elegant in a pinch, but for whatever reason, those times come a lot for us and we wanna look more put together than a top knot, so this is a great option! I've actually grabbed my hair doughnut and some bobby pins and done this in the car before.haha and you don't need super long hair to achieve it! win win:)
- hair clip
- rolled sock or hair doughnut
- bobby pins
- hair spray

Step 1: Separate your hair in half horizontally and clip up the top to deal with later. tie off your bottom section to one side with a hair-tie, and add your hair doughnut to the base of your little pony-tail. Spread your ponytail evenly over your doughnut and pull another hair-tie over the whole doughnut. 
Step 2: Scrunch up your left-over hair and secure it in a little rounded lump to the back of your head just below your crown to help add a little extra volume for the next step(funny i know, but it'll keep you from needing to tease so much!). Tease the hair at your crown ever so slightly, choose a deep side part on the opposite side of your head from the bun, and use your teasing comb to smooth all of your hair back towards your bun. 
Step 3: Holding it in your fist like you're going to make a ponytail, twist your hair together away from your bun and then wrap it clockwise around the base of it! Secure the end with a bobby pin or two, and spray to finish it up. Done and Done! Your sleek and chic bun:) 
And that's it for today! I'd love to hear what you think of the style and or if you try it out please let me know in the comments! We've been excited for this week for a very long time, because we've kept our days as open as we possibly could and we're planning on lots of Christmas-ey family time, lots of treats and activities and little outings, and maybe even a date if we can swing it! We can't wait to see the hobbit:)
Thank you so much for coming to visit today, and I'll see you back here again tomorrow for another tutorial!
xo, Emily
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous style! Wish this was posted last week so that I could have done that for my company's holiday party :p
    I will definitely be trying this style for the holidays on the Celebrity cruise I'm taking!

    Thank you for sharing!
    With love from Montreal,

  2. Beautiful and elegant! You really make me want to keep letting my hair grow (despite the tiny fingers that I've always got pulling on it) :)

  3. Super cute and it looks so easy! I can't wait to try it out.

  4. Love this, it looks so elegant!


  5. I`m so wearing it at our christmas dinner! thanks so much for showing :D
    I'll be wearing it together with my lang, sleek, red satindress

  6. So simple and elegant! Though I have so much hair I've never felt the need for a sock-bun, LOL. Thanks for posting, I can't wait to try it!

  7. Definetely going to try this - especially since I won't be bothering bringing any "tools" for holidays at my parents'.

  8. This is gorgeous! Will definitely be trying this soon. :)

  9. I love this and it looks gorgeous on you! I'm always looking to try new hair styles so this is perfect!

  10. This looks great
    you are beautiful

  11. And sorry to ask you many questions. Which hair spray? And can you do a video showing how to use a doughnut. Maybe it is easy for use the doughnut but I am bad try to using that. I really do a mess everytime I try to use that in my long hair. Thank you for post.

  12. wish my hands could do that :)