Tuesday, December 17

Holiday Hair Week: The Half Crown Braid

Here we are and it's Tuesday! This is the third tutorial in my little mini hair series, which is hopefully giving you lots of new ideas for ways to switch up your locks for your holiday parties! This style is very soft and romantic, and I love that you have the advantage of having a head full of flowey curls, while adding the little halo of braids really frames the face and gives you an up-do as well! What do you think? :)
With just over a week till Christmas, I know that this is going to be the weekend of all weekends for getting together with family and friends, colleagues, etc, and it's been great to get all the feedback you guys have been leaving about these styles and to hear about all the fun you have planned! Lets get onto the tutorial now:)

- teasing comb
- clip
- curling wand or iron
- hairspray
- 2 hair ties
- bobby pins

Step 1: Start by raising a few 2-3 inch sections on your crown and tease them for a little volume. Smooth over the top and spray a bit with some hairspray. Section off the top half of your hair and curl the bottom section in 2 inch sections for larger curls. Let down the top section (comb a middle part) and curl it as well, fluffing your scalp a bit, and spraying the whole head over with a lil' hairspray. 
Step 2: Draw a little line from your ear, straight up and over your head to the other ear. Now you have two front sections. Starting at your forehead, braid one section back to your ear and then down to the end. Secure it with a hair-tie, and then tug the hair out of the braid a bit to make it fuller and looser. repeat with the other side. 
Step 3: Swag one braid nice and low and around to the opposite side of your head, pinning it behind the base of your other braid. Do the same with the other braid, only tucking the end underneath and pinning securely. Spray it down again for hold, and you're done!
Again this style is so soft and romantic, and it's a fantastic way to have your hair out and curly, while still having something a little more special then just the curls on their own. This is the holidays after all! :)
Take care today lovelies, and I'll see you again tomorrow! 
xo, Emily

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  1. This is my favorite tutorial so far! I think I'm going to have to try it out. -Hanna Lei

  2. Love this, it's perfect for holiday parties!


  3. Such a lovely braid! It's perfect for the Holidays.

  4. Very pretty! I so wish I had long hair, or that my daughter had long hair so I could do this!

  5. This is beautiful, I always love your hair tutorials. If only I had the patience to do them successfully myself ^_^

  6. This is beyond beautiful and doesn't look hard to do either!

  7. That looks so pretty, and it looks super easy to try. I just might do this for christmas.

  8. Very pretty! Question about your hair color: is it natural? If not, I love that shade of red. And, do you color it yourself?

  9. I love this. Sadly I cut my hair shorter so this is not an option anymore! :(

    come over and check out my blog,

  10. I freakin love this! Wish I could have you do my hair every day!:)

  11. Lovely. As always. Been meaning to try this general style and haven't yet. :)

  12. This hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning!

  13. I've been pinning all these hairstyles! Perfect timing and perfect ideas! Happy Wednesday!

    A Silver Snapshot

  14. Oh!! Possible wedding hair idea!


  15. so pretty! wish my stick straight half asian hair would hold curl ever so i could try this!

  16. Oh God that's so beautiful Emily. I will try to do. I love it!

  17. Can I just hire you to come do my hair for me everyday? Haha I am terrible at styling my own hair but you are so amazing at it! This is beautiful.

  18. This is SO beautiful! I bet it would even work with my natural curls and I could go back and enhance with a curing iron. So so lovely! Thanks for sharing! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things