Sunday, December 15

Holiday Hair Week: The Double Gibson

Happy Sunday guys! I've been looking forward to today for a veeery long time, because I've been anticipating starting a week of fun and festive holiday hair tutorials for all you sweet thangs! It's been way too long, and finally posting hair tutorials again is really making me feel like things are back to normal again:) In preparing to start this week, I posted this picture to instagramses and facebookses, etc a few days ago and had an overwhelmingly positive response and call for the tutorial, so I considered that a good sign! :) Here it is:
I know that normally I start my hair weeks on Monday's, but SUnday is technically the start to a new week isn't it? and also I just couldn't wait! This is my new favorite:) Very elegant looking I think, but also versatile, and I'm going to be wearing it for lots of different things in the near future. I love pairing deceivingly simple hairstyles that look fancy with like distressed jeans and boots. Mix of hard and soft ya know? You know! haha

- teasing comb
- clip
- two hair-ties
- approx a dozen bobby pins
- curling iron optional

Step 1: Comb out a nice side part, and divide your hair in half, securing the top part up so you can deal with the bottom first. Pull the bottom section horizontally and directly back away from your head and tie a hair-tie around it all, about 8 or so inches away from your scalp. Tease the hair in your ponytail a little (a little extra teasing if you have shorter hair). 
Step 2: Roll the ponytail upwards and towards your head in a nice little tube. Secure with several bobby pins from the inside out, then proceed to tug both sides outwards and up a little, pinning them securely as well. and you're done with your first roll! 
Step 3: You're going to repeat the same steps with your top part of your hair, only this time smooth the hair up into its roll, and nestle it right on top of your first! Tug the sides up of course and pin, tug a few little fly-away's out and curl if you wish, and spritz to a finish! Done and done, and isn't it lovely?
Very classic and elegant I think. Definitely my new go-to romantic 'do', and it took me only about five minutes! Again if you're concerned about not having enough hair, you could be putting the ponytail at the end of your hair and just teasing a little more before rolling, and you'll get the same look with half the hair, so no fear! e fearless my lady friends... or men friends too if you're out there doing hair with us.haha  
Well I hope you love this style like I do, if you do let me know! Also remember that a hair week means that every morning when you get on the internet machine and come visit yours truly, there'll be a brand spankin' new hair tutorial to inspire you in the hair department for all those festive parties you gots comin up! It's Christmas y'all! Yikers, Anyway's, my eye is sorta twitching so I'm gonna hit publish on this thing, and I can't wait to hear what you think about it! Love you guys, and I hope you come back to visit tomorrow! 
xo, Emily

P.S. don't forget that if you decide to give this or any of my tutorials a try and post them to instagram to tag me (@emilymeyers13) so I can see you! I love, LOVE seeing my buddies doing my hair tutorials. Makes my day:)


  1. Love it! Definitely going to give it a try!

  2. So pretty! May have to try it out this week!

  3. Gorgeous! So elegant! Would you consider doing a holiday make-up tutorial as well? I love your eyeshadow in the pics!

  4. Aw, I love this!!!


  5. Love it! So excited you're doing another hair week xx

  6. I thought of the Gibson tuck when you posted a picture of this on Instagram! It looks so easy. I'll have to give this a shot. It looks like the perfect updo for Christmas! :)

  7. This is stunning! I wish that I had enough hair to do this!

  8. I totally read that as "the Debbie Gibson"... lol whoops! ;)

  9. this is AMAAAZING!!!

  10. That look so elegant. Is it complicated to do? You are the best.

  11. Emily I really love the double gibson. Can you please make a video to make this. My hair is long like yours but I try and I only do a real mess. Please show me how to do it. When I rolling the ponytail the hair fall. Or if you have another technique to do it.

    Thank You Emily


  12. I love this style!! Thank you for all the great styles!

  13. I love the way you do your eye makeup as well as your hair! I always wanted auburn hair. (:

    -Elizabeth B.