Thursday, November 21

November '13 Mixed Tape

So I know that it may be a couple weeks early for a Christmas Mixed Tape, but I'm posting it anyway's because this is the first year that we've been setting up some Christmas before Thanksgiving's actually happened! Already this year though we've been taking out the green tubs of decor, making lots of Holiday treats and yes, listening to loads of favorite Christmas tunes, so it seemed only appropriate:)
For today's mix I'm sharing some of our classic favorites, some oldies and some new(ish)bies, at any rate I hope they help get you in the Christmas spirit! Happy Listening:
Usually by the night of Black Friday we've set up all our Christmas decor, all the lights, tree decorated, and carols are finally playing, so it feels good to get a bit of a jump on it this year:) What about you? Are you moving into Christmas early or waiting till the end of turkey day?
Well I hope you like this playlist enough to come back often just to listen, because I know I'll be using this a lot for the rest of the year! Have a great weekend ahead my peoples, and come back soon!
xo, Emily 
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  1. I'm loving this mix! I only listen to Christmas music when my hubby isn't around, but we'll for sure start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. :)

  2. We will be decorating this weekend. Also, so excited for more YouTube videos coming soon!!!!

  3. Ahhh I haven't listened to any Christmas music yet, these songs are the first!!

  4. Anything by Michael Buble is the best....the end.

  5. I just was saying that I think I'm gonna set up my Christmas decor this Wednesday! I adore this time of year!

  6. Ahhh I can't believe you put Christmas is all around by Billy Mack :)

  7. I love those little wooden santas!

  8. Wow, this Christmas mix really gets me in the Holiday mood! Thank you!

  9. I am definitely getting an early start! If I wait till after Thanksgiving I find myself getting to busy!



  10. Ooooo I am so excited I'm not in alone on this!!! :D I've been feeling so festive soo very early this year and I do love Your mix!!

  11. Loving that first song! Gonna play this while I read my other blogs :) Love your decor! I'm trying to hold myself back until after turkey day!