Saturday, September 21

Modern Pin-up Week: #6 - Retro Roll Updo

Hey guys! So today's tutorial is the last in the series, and even though the weeks been pretty busy and it seems like it's passed quickly, I've been anxious to finish up and bring a little more variety back to The Freckled Fox:) At any rate starting tomorrow, that variety is coming right back! I hope you've not been too bored though with all this hair, and more than that I hope you love the closing tutorial like I do!
You like? This could easily be called something like The Victory Roll Faux Hawk, or The Mass of Vintage Hair Rolls, or Hot Rockabilly 'Buns' etc haha, but in the end its just a really fun and slightly more modern pin-up style that I've been thinking about doing for a long time! I'm really excited to finally be posting for your viewing and styling pleasure so lets get started, follow the pictures religiously, and enjoy!
Supplies needed:
- clips or pins for separating hair
- 1 1/2 inch curling iron
- heat protectent glove
- shine serum
- bobby pins
- good hairspray
- brush
- boar bristled teasing comb
Step #1: Alright we're gonna start with smooth hair, and have your clips or pins ready for a bunch of sectioning! The first one will be the bang section from eyebrow to eyebrow and up around in a curve. Next you'll grab the section from the back of your curve straight to your ear, and the same on the other side and pin. Next you'll split the rest in half, divide the top part of That in half, and pin up. Divide the bottom into thirds and pin up the two sides, but leave the middle out to deal with first.  
Step #2: To create your first curl: brush the hair smooth, rub on a little shine serum for added smoothness and move on to clamping the ends of your section in your iron and rolling all the way up to your scalp! clamp and release your iron as you gently pull it out of your curl while holding the curl with the other hand. Turn the curl sideways so the hole is pointing outwards, and pin it right in the middle a couple inches up from the bottom of your hair.  
Step #3: Take the section to the left of your first roll and repeat step #2 with it, only this time pinning the roll up and over to the other side of the first roll. Moving on to the next (to the right of the first), bring it up and over the first two. Making sense? Move on to the section on your right temple and bring it forward almost to your forehead and right of the middle. Move onto the section right below that one and pin it up and across, falling to the left of your middle section. Almost done! :) 
Step #4: Next is your left temple section which you're going to position in the gap behind the one you just finished, and move on to your front section! Comb the underside smooth and wrap the hair around your iron so its going away from your face and upwards. Make sure to smooth all your fringe or flyaway's into it as much as possible, release, flatten, smooth, pin, and spray! Done and done! I added a couple flowers to the side as a little somethin extra, but of course they're optional to the look:)
And there we have it! I always make these look harder than they actually are I think, so be fearless in your styling and again just remember to follow the pictures and texts as you complete each step. Also a good thing to remember with this style is that its very customizable! If you place your buns in slightly different areas than I do or are worried about precision, don't be worried! You're still going to end up with a great style, and as long as they're victory rolls then its going to be pin-up-y and retro looking:)

Thanks for following along this week and for all those of you who left feedback and questions etc, I love talking with you about my posts and hearing what you have to say! Again I'm excited about leaving the routine of hair day after day that I've been in this week, but I hope you've enjoyed the posts as I have!
Thanks for readin loves,
xo, Emmy
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  1. I love the flowers! :) Reminds me of a hairstyle from the Pearl Harbor movie.

  2. I may have to use one of these tutorials for homecoming!

  3. Those flowers add such a nice touch. I think this hair could be perfect for a lot of different occasions. -Hanna Marie

  4. What kind of shine serum do you use?

  5. I wore my hair like this on my wedding day. I simply loved it☺️ Now the party is 2 weeks away and I'm going for a simpler style for the party. Maybe the pony with bangs�� Silje from Norway❤️