Sunday, August 11

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: So I feel like I never have anything exciting or great to recount about my weeks events, but you guys seem to appreciate being kept up to speed on our happenings around this here house and family, so I'll just keep right on typing! Mostly I was just throwing together mostly last-making little treats and things for the mostly last-minute baby shower I hosted in the yard on Friday night(pictures to follow). It was for one of my best friends who's due with her third boy in a matter of weeks! It was a great success though and I think everyone had fun.haha The kids and I went on a few fun errands, made fun because they were topped off with visits to the park or to sonic for treats. I checked a few more things off my baby list, made tons of plans and wrote up lots of lists, calender pages and schedules for me, for the housework, for the kids, etc, and for blogging! So much goodness coming, I just love you guys:)
Weekly Snapshots: a fresh treat // stacks of fluffy pink things ready for the nursery // an awesome marquee sign // a surprise 'bouquet' // my first time wedging melon, thank you very much:) // and a new baby tripod that not only is adorable but its a table-top stabilizer! *hint hint* :)
Goals for the week:
- clean up the rest of the baby shower
- meet a friend and her kids for a park playdate
- finish organizing my sewing room
- visit the fabric store
- sort out the boxes of books in the library
- complete my blogging goals for the week
- use up the limes
- get to my emails
- have a couple sleep-ins:)

A Few Facts:
  • I'm super excited for all the canning and bottling that Fall intails, and I'm gettin ready!
  • the more I think how close the birth is getting the more nervous I make myself. Super nervous
  • I really really want to get a pet, which is always an urg that comes when I'm about to have a baby.haha but this time I Reeeally want a dog or a cat!
  • Lately I've found myself putting ranch dressing on my hot-dogs. I blame the baby.
Thanks for visiting today, and hope you come back soon!
xo, Emily 
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  1. Five months after we had out baby my husband decided to get not one, but two puppies! It was insane! But we made it through. Our baby loves her puppies and the kitty (which we had before she was born).

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  2. Ranch dressing on hot dogs? I love ranch sauch I may have to try that! lol. I can't blame you for wanting a cat or dog, I really want one too! :)

    Rowdy Fairy

  3. You look beautiful pregnant. I am pregnant, 11 week. I would like to know Emily if you have any advice for the morning sick. Everyday I feel so sick. I am doing exercise everyday, trying to maintain active. But I really don't tolerate the smell of the food and the morning sick ( it is better To say the all day sick are bad). I comment to my doctor but he only said that is good because that mean that my pregnant is good. You have experience as a Mom and for that reason I am asking if you know any advice to feel better :)
    Thank you

  4. That thrift store sign is amazing! I wish we had good 2nd hand stores in the Netherlands!

  5. i always admire people who knows how to sew. i have fond of beautiful fabrics and adore each time i go to fabric store/warehouse but sewing is not really my thing and I just go to tailor shop for some custome made dress for the family.

    Great i follow you at instagram and to see your day to day life as a mom. Being domesticated with kids is fulfilling but hard sometimes and being with someone with the sameboat keep me inspired. Hope you'll have a great week ahead.


  6. I just have to ask, do you live in Twin Falls?

    1. I do! What made you wonder if I may ask? We really love it here, though we're on the lookout for a home with a little more yard space if it ever drops in our laps:)

    2. A couple of posts, actually. I grew up in Jerome! My parents still live there.

  7. Ooo can I go to the fabric store with you? My stash is running low, but I haven't taken the trip out to restock in a while.