Thursday, August 22

Maternity Style // a black and gold palette

5 senses for today:
touching: so much clean laundry. Which is better than dirty laundry, if I can keep up with the folding:)
seeing: lots of the park lately with all the walks the kids and I have been going on. Its our favorite time.
tasting: never-ending amounts of watermelon. We go through a couple a week over here. So refreshing!
smelling: nail polish as my girls and I get our toes on. Its becoming a sweet weekly tradition I think.
hearing: lots of Damien Rice. I think the slowness helps me keep calm and not get stressed out as easily:)
necklace - c/o Kristine's Collection
blouse - target (altered)
white tank - kirkland
leather pants - 
gold sandals - c/o Winter Lennon
lips - 'park avenue' c/o radient cosmetics

I love having control of my life this week. We had several things we were working towards and had to deliver for, and when them over it feels like its smooth sailing till the baby! That's a huge relief to have my life back! Hope you're having a good Thursday. Thanks for reading, and see you tomorrow!
xo, Emmy

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  1. What a cute preggo outfit!! And I love your blog! Very refreshing!


  2. You are adorable! I love your outfit, especially your pants and top!


  3. I love the all black look. So cute!

  4. you look amazing. how far along are you now? hope you find time to rest with all your kiddies. :) i really enjoy reading the words you say to your unborn child, it's so sweet.

  5. how in the world are you 31 weeks! i looked like that at 16 weeks!

  6. I just came across this from pinterest and I love that you are writing to your daughter. You guys are going to treasure those messages so much!

  7. You look so good. I love the black style. -Hanna Lei

  8. Your bump it's starting to get big! You look so gorgeous and beautiful :)
    Sofia G

  9. Black and gold are a classic! I love how you combined leather and lace--a little bit of soft and a little bit of hard in one outfit. :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  10. I'm just in shock that you are 31 weeks! You don't look like it at all! This outfit looks great on you!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. You look so beautiful and I agree with Jeans and a Teacup! You can such a small cute little belly. Goodness I should send you a picture of me when I was pregnant. I constantly had strangers asking me if I was having triplets! I gained 72 pounds but it was totally worth it. Where did you bought your pants? I LOVE THEM!

    xox Paola

  12. You must be the cutest pregnant person EVER! Love all of your outfits, and the notes you write to her are adorable!

  13. You are such a chic pregnant lady, and the makeup is perfect too!

    Good luck with the last few weeks!


  14. I love that necklace, so cute!


  15. You are gorgeous! I love this outfit and you are totally ROCKING and owning it! So happy to have found your blog {of course, I see your adorable hairstyles all over pinterest!}. I was actually friends with Martin at BYU-I {I was roommates with the Brookes and we were in the same ward} - small world!


  16. I love this look, it's just my style now

  17. Paola Fry, I think the pants are the Leather Panel Leggings from Seraphine maternity. I have the same pair & they are so comfortable & chic! Here's the link: