Monday, August 26

A Baby Girl Wish List

Hey everyone, and happy Monday!! So I know that I already have two little girls and that this sets me up big time as far as clothing and bedding, toys etc go, but that doesn't stop me from having plenty of hopes and dreams for baby girl number 3:) Without realizing almost I've created quite the list of little odds and ends that I would add to our nursery if we had some extra dough laying around, and I so I thought I'd share a few (or more than a few) favorite items on my baby girl wish list with you!
We really are pretty much all set up and ready for her to come. I had another midwife appointment today and everything's just perfect and peachy inside and out, which of course is always a relief to hear! The nursery's stocked up with all the essentials and supplies needed for feedings and changings etc, the bedroom's prepped for the birth, and I even just ordered her car-seat online from Target, so with a little over a month to go I'm feeling really prepared and confident!
Thank you for all your sweet words of encouragement and support with this little one, it really means a lot to me! Have a great rest of your day, and thank you so much for reading! 
xo, Emily
P.S. There are really some exciting things coming to the blog this week, especially tomorrow.. and Wednesday, and... (including a big first ever for me), so be sure and stop back by again soon! 
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  1. I love number three. That toy is so sweet looking. Hanna

  2. That is awesome that you are going to have a homebirth!!! It is not very socially acceptable, so good for you! If my Husband and I are ever blessed with a child we will definitely be having a homebirth.

  3. Aw so sweet! Makes me want a baby girl!! So exciting!

  4. Those little mocs? LOVE!


  5. This is such a beautiful wishlist. I'm just so happy for you and can't wait to see your new little one! :)

  6. Such adorable finds! I think I need to make a baby boy wishlist now.

  7. i love, love, LOVE the ergo. I've used the baby bjorn and moby before getting the ergo and i wish i cut to the chase and just got the ergo haha

  8. Such adorable items!