Sunday, July 21

What's in My Blog Conference Bag (Top 10 Essentials)

Hey guys! So I wouldn't really call myself a blog conference expert (though I would love to change that in the future), but I've been to enough conferences and conventions that I feel I've learned a thing or two, or three:) So today in the hopes of passing on a bit of that info that I had to learn the hard way, and also prepping myself a bit more for my trip this week (that I've been mentioning way too much lately), I'm going to share my Top 10 Blog Conference Essentials by way of this little peek into my bag:)
I was brand new at this too not so long ago, and I did my fair share of begging around for advice from my fellow bloggers, so I'm here to save you a bit of trouble! Weather you plan on going to conferences next week or next year , I hope this helps! :)
  1. Business Cards, and also a spacious pocket or pouch to keep all the ones you'll be receiving. Networking is so important at these things, so be fearless in your card swapping! 
  2. A Good Notebook and some Colorful Pens. I love color coding a bit for different topics while taking notes. Helps enormously later on when I'm digging through those pages later on! 
  3. Your Cellphone. Kind of goes without saying! Your day to day schedule, class reminders, twitter, connecting with new friends, Instagram, the list goes on! 
  4. A good shoulder bag. You'll be grateful for the hands-freedom that a comfy straped bag will provide, what with all the multitasking you're going to be doing with your hands already.
  5. Your Camera. We're bloggers right? and what are blog posts without some great pictures, I ask you! :) I also can't pass up the opportunity to take pictures while I explore new cities, and most of the time your camera phone just doesn't cut it. I'll probably bring my DSLR, but I used it to take these pictures so... :)
  6. A few small snacks. Maybe its just because I've been pregnant a lot in the last four years, but I always need to have a few little various nibbles on my person to keep up my energy. Maybe some nuts, or a pack of life savers. Your nerves will thank you:)
  7. Portable Phone Charger. So important! Don't spend any valuable networking, class,  or party time tethered to a wall while your phone charges! Instead walk from panel to key-note or enjoy lunch etc while your phone charges safely right in your purse.
  8. Your favorite Gum. First impressions are everything at these things! You'll be meeting hundreds of new people a day, and you don't want anyone to remember you as that girl.haha
  9. Good Walking Shoes. Okay so maybe they don't go in my bag, but they're on the list for a reason! You'd better believe that I'll have a few too many pairs of heels in my suitcase, however you will be walking and running down so many halls and across so many busy streets. Don't handicap yourself by wearing your feet out the first day for fashion's sake and paying the rest of the week. Not worth it!
  10. A little Emergency Kit with safety pins, band-aids, bobby-pins, etc. You never know when you'll be far away from your hotel room with a sudden wardrobe malfunction or sore heel. You may even help a few fellow attendees out as well!
Well I hope you've enjoyed taking a little tour through my bag, and if you have any questions I'd love to answer them! We bloggers are great at sharing our opinions aren't we? Also we love hearing them too so feel free:) I'll have lots of other things in my bag you can be sure, but you get the gist.haha

I really do love these conferences, I love the community, I just wish I could afford to (or that my husband and kids could do without me enough that I could) go to them all year long! Have you ever been? if so, which one or ones have you attended?? 
Have a great week ahead guys and gals,
xo, Em
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  1. these are definitely my top 10 essentials also! especially the extra walking shoes haha! I've always wanted to go to a blog conference they sound like so much fun!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. I think you're right on the comfy shoes thing. Hanna Marie

  3. Awe, this is perfect! What a great peek inside your bag and your essentials!

  4. Great list! I haven't attended a blogging conference yet but when I do I'll feel all the more ready thanks to this! x

  5. Great list! I have never been to a blogging conference before, but it sounds like alot of fun!


  6. Thanks for the peek inside your bag. This will be my first conference so I need all of the help that I can get!:-)

  7. I can't even begin to tell you the jealousy that I have right now!!! I soooo wish I could attend BlogHer '13!!!! Sooo many great bloggers in one place!!!! One day, Heather.. One day!! lol I'm hoping to go to the Bloggy Conference in Sandusky, Ohio next month! Sponsored by Cedar Point at Cedar Point... It should be a fun one!!!

    Have a blast Emily!!!


  8. This is definitely a great list, I hope you have a lot of fun!

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  10. Loved this post!! I always love seeing what's in other girls purses.
    Also even though I'm not expecting a child, I love your style! It has inspired me in many different ways.


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