Tuesday, June 25

Maternity Style // Leopard print and Ivy Vines

I've been really thinking lately (something that can be a little dangerous while pregnant:)) that I really want to connect with my readers more. I have all kinds of funny notions about us hanging out and getting lunch together, and every visit to my blog (and especially those sweet, sweet comments that you lovelies leave for me) gives me a little bit more confidence and reassurance that the things I'm...  
black necklace - gift
peplum dress - Modcloth
pink belt - target
leopard pink heels - missy makes
...posting and sharing about myself and my life are inspiring or fun, and or help you get to know me better. Blogging is really a two way street, a give and take, and an exchange of inspiration! Just like I hope to reach someone with my day to day doings, those things I share are inspired by my friendly readership and loyal followers! I guess my point in this run-on sentence is I just want to ask what are your favorite things(thing) about my blog, and what keeps you coming back? or what would you like to see more of, or see in general? Just like two friends meet for lunch to hear from the each other, I want to hear a bit from you on what you like (would like) me to give:) I have so so many ideas for things that I want to post about, but there are only 7 days in a week, so maybe help me a little in narrowing in a bit?
Have a great rest of your week, and see you soon,
xo, Emily

P.S. You're probably thinking 'Pink and black for summer? silly woman.' I can explain though, its because we've had really chilly windy and rainy weather for the past few days! its come and gone, but still I couldn't resist what is probably the last chance I'll have to wear this dress before the winter(since I'm obviously growing out of it:)) so it all works out!
P.P.S. thanks for your patience this past week with my lack of posting, but I can tell we're all on the mend around here and I'll be more frequent I promise:)
P.P.P.S. (can I do that) Remember that Google Reader is going R.I.P. really soon, so don't forget to... 
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  1. Hi Emily

    Absolutely ADORE your blog, thank you so much for all of the effort you put in, and for sharing your life with us. On miserable Blackpool days (which is quite frequent, yes, even in summer, although we do have a sunny one today!) it's a lovely break to peek into someone else's world for a short while, even if it's only to admire their splendid taste in shoes. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to you, too, since you always mention us, and wish you and your little family a bright and happy future.


  2. What makes me come here again and again it's to see your lovely posts. I love the way you write, so clean, simple to the point, so dear and funny. I love your hair tutorials : woman you make me feel so tinny because I can ever do what you do with your hair. And for you :) And I'm loving the fact that I'm following your pregancy :D
    Sofia G

  3. I love this outfit!! Yay for maternity posts, keep them coming!


  4. Ha! I wasn't thinking "silly" at all, Emily. Loved how you put this together - and what a clever use of pink! Loved it. :)

    I like your blog just because of who you are on here - your voice is great and you always bring fun to fashion or cooking. :)

  5. love the baby peplum (pun intended! :) )...what lipstick are you wearing?

  6. Hey Hot Stuff, you're looking great! Killer pink leopard heels!

  7. Fabulous outfit! Kisses.

  8. Such a lovely post Em! Hmm..what keeps me coming back is this: I adore your sense of style! I think you're one of the most gorgeous women in the world! I love all of your fashion & hair tutorials and I would love to see some makeup ones as well, because your makeup is always so perfect! I would also love to see any posts about fitness, healthy eats, or how you stay in shape. All-around, I love your friendly, comfy way of writing and I think the reason people keep coming back is because you are so genuine.
    xoxo, em

  9. love your outfit! you and your baby bump are adorable

  10. I LOVE that outfit! I wish I could pull off peplum dresses (well, peplum anything actually) but they just look ridiculous on me.

    P.S. I wear black all year long and I live in AZ. If we can wear white after Labor Day, we can definitely wear black in the summer. Especially if it's paired with hot pink! I'd wear it even more if I had those shoes!

  11. How cute are you! Love it!

  12. I had initially found you because another blogger recommended one of your hair tutorials, but I've kept coming back because you keep it interesting. I love your outfit posts and your recommends :)


  13. I love your entire outfit (hot mama!) but I'm dying over those heels. I NEED those!

  14. What an awesome outfit ! We are doing a "What to Wear Wednesday" maternity fashion link up if you want to join !

  15. Just found your blog and it's so cute! You look great and tiny for being more than 1/2 way there! Congrats :)

  16. I also live in Boise and recently found your blog. I love your style and your fearlessness to wear heals! Your constantly motivating me to dress up now since having our baby boy this past January.

  17. I love love love your outfit! I need to find more business professional outfits to wear at my new job so seeing stuff like this is super nice. Gives me ideas!

    Avo (

  18. Firstly, those shoes are AH-MAZING!!!

    Secondly, I really enjoy your blog! Especially your outfit posts. How do you take your photos? does someone do it for you or do you have a tripot and remote shutter? Also maybe a little on how you stay so healthy and fit? especially throughout a pregnancy!


  19. I love it. Specially the blouse. It is so pretty!

  20. you are so beautiful! im pregnant with my first and found your blog via sparking footsteps. can not wait to watch your bump grow! i wish you an amazing 9 months! (whats left!)

  21. You are so beautiful and such a great fashion blogger!