Saturday, June 22

Summer Hair Tutorial// Easy 'Beachy' Waves

Hey everyone! So I've been doing Summery themed posts on the blog this week because 'ta-da', this week marked the beginning of Summer! I did a fun DIY, a yummy recipe, an inspirations list, a bucket list thingie of activities, and it seemed only fitting that I do a freakin Summer-esc hairstyle tutorial! This one has actually been requested a whole bunch lately (thanks guys!) so now I can check it off the list!
There's something just so carefree and easygoing about this style that I love love, and most definitely why its so popular for Summertime! Not to mention, the whole idea is to make it look like you've been prancing around in the waves with your hair blowing in salty sea air all day, which is pretty much the ultimate Summer activity:) I grew up right near the ocean and really miss the heck out of it, so it really brings me down sweet memory lane whenever I do this style, and it has a special place in my heart! oh and look I even put on my neon swim-suit to do it.haha
There are a bunch of different ways to achieve a similar look, but after trying tons of variations, this is always the one that I go back to! You can go as big or as small as you want, as textured or neat as you wish, and it takes the least amount of time while looking the best and lasting the longest! Boo-yah:) It also looks adorable on really short hair by the way, so none of you peeps have excuses! :) here we go:
- fine toothed comb
- heat protectant
- waver or three-barrel iron
- water based pomade, styling paste, or the like
- good hairspray
Notes: Here's a link for the waver I'm using in the tutorial and the type of three barrell that would work best just in case you aren't sure (just fyi). Also, if you don't have either of those tools you can use a curling iron or crimper, you'll just need to take a little extra care to separate the curls and tug them down with the pomade for a less put together look:)
Step 1: Start with day-old hair (or coat lightly with dry shampoo), that's free of knots and tangles(or just brush lightly through:)). Tease your crown a bit for some lift and volume(If you have bangs it works best to tease them in a small separate section). Smooth the whole top of your head over with your comb.
Step 2: Separate out the bottom third of your hair, tying the rest up and out of the way, and using your crimper/waver start crimping your hair in 2" sections several inches from your scalp. Crimp all the way down, but stop a couple inches from the bottom. This will help it lay more naturally:) Spray your bottom section with some hairspray and tuck it all over one shoulder. 
Step 3: Let down your hair and section off the second third for crimping. As you start doing the front and top layers, turn your crimper upside-down every other time so your curls are not all uniform. Once you're all done, dip your fingers  in the pomade(or whatever), rub your hands together and start to apply to your scalp (like you're giving yourself a message). 
Step 4: Using a little more scrap downwards (like nails on a chalkboard) to loosen some of those curls. Flip your head upside down and rub some on the back/underside of your hair. Top it off with a tiny bit more rubbed on your hands, and scrunch your hair from ends to roots. This will help it clump together a bit more(a good thing in this case:)) Another step that's optional is to seperate little 1-2 inch sections here adn there and twist them into mini dreadlocks for a really wave tossed look:) Coat your whole 'do' with some good hairspray, and you're ready for your boardwalk date!
Another big fun thing about this style is that it provides great body and texture as a base for lots or other styles! I really like just pulling some back loosly from right above my ears and clipping behind, or ponytails are fun too because they're so full and big!
So its Summer now, and its Saturday! Go out there and do something fun for me k? or stay home and go window shopping online since that's my fun when I'm stuck at home on Saturday:) Thanks so much for visiting today! I really really hope you try this and let me know how I goes! I love hearing from you and chatting with you, and I'm so grateful for your feedback and comments!
Take care today, and see you soon!
xo, Emily
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  1. I love this hairstyle!
    Very cute waves!

  2. Ah those waves really reminds of the warm beach days :D
    Sofia G

  3. This looks so good. You have a lot of talent! Hanna

  4. Cute! I love beachy waves in the summer!

  5. I've always wanted to know how to make wavy hair! I've crimped my hair before, but waving it just seemed more fun, and I wanted it more. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  6. Your hair is gorgeous, love the styling. Perfect for a beach gateaway. Thanks for the tutorial hun

  7. This looks great! Wavy hair is such a summer staple because of all the water and all the humidity down south, but I haven't perfected the technique yet. I'll be trying your method next :) Thanks!

  8. GORGEOUS hair! You are absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for making that tutorial so easy to follow along. I can't wait to try the tutorial on my own hair.

  9. Gorgeous curls!!!! Lovely overall look dear!
    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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  10. This makes me wish I hadn't cut my hair short for the summer. Now I'm depressed and miss my long locks!

  11. Super helpful! I've tried one of these before and failed:( Definitely gonna give it another shot!
    Boho Bunnie

  12. That's exactly what my hair looks like when I let it air-dry. My hair is the same color too. I let it air-dry in the Summer & blow dry it in the Winter.

  13. Really i love your style and your story to writ this, But i also love neymar hairstyle and haircut.