Saturday, May 11

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: I thought I was really getting out of the nausea phase but it hit me again a little more this week:( Just would wake up with a big to do list of plans for the day and then I'd be so woozy and dizzy that we'd just all park on the couch for a show or/then go outside for the rest of the day to watch the kids play. Not all bad for sure, just wish I could have gotten a bit more done towards catching up. We had a really fun time on Wednesday though, we drove way up to the mountains with all Martin's siblings and their families and had a great fishing expedition! The  kiddies had the best time I've ever seen just about, and we just had lots of treats and caught lots of fish for dinner. Super fun family time! we also had a few fun errand trips, lot of progress towards backed up emails, experimented with a few new recipe ideas, a ton of laundry, several really bad migraines (middle trimester nice to see you again too), and John decided that it was time to start climbing the stairs! man... trouble maker.haha Oh and did I mention that I single-handedly ate about 4 bottles of our bottled peaches from last year all by myself? So refreshing!
Weekly Snapshots(kiddie edition): Little boy can't wait for a forward facing seat, he doesn't stop looking the whole drive:), two very excited girls ready for fishing fun! Sophie hard at work, a regular breakfast smoothie concoction, John having a little fun with the bottom steps (yikes!), and a sweet moment with the girls holding hands in the store(ellie holds with both hands.haha):
A Few Facts:
  • For some reason we keep putting off finding out the gender since we have to travel away to do it, and I'm dying to find out! Hopefully it'll be this coming week. I really feel impartial to either, but it feels the most like Johns type of pregnancy
  • Johnny's birthday is coming up really soon! We don't have any big plans, but I am determined to do the cake mash with him. He'll go crazy.haha
  • I've always been a fan of pinterest, but I'm finding myself pinning a little more than like twice a month these days with the baby coming and spring here. SO many ideas and plans! Follow along if you like! :) Emily Meyers
Have you done anything fun this weekend or have plans? I'd love to hear about it!
xo, Emily 

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  1. So sweet, if I was pregnant I would be so eager to find out the gender. I can never understand how people can wait till they give birth, I would be to excited!


  2. I don't know if I could wait to find out the gender. Hanna

  3. Wish you a happy life Emily! Really cute kids! Can't wait to find out the gender too. Happy for you :)

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  4. so cute babyes!!!

  5. cute kids :D

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  6. those little red ringlets kill me! <3 <3