Thursday, April 18

Emily's April Wishlist

Last month I decided to start throwing together little monthly wishlists of things I've been loving, or eyeing, or simple think are really fun or neat and wouldn't mind owning, because I'm always interested to see other bloggers wishlists, and I thought it'd tell you a bit more about me to see some of mine! I love (as I'm sure most of you do aswell) spending bits of spare time here and there 'window shopping' as it were, online and finding good deals on things i've been wishing for or needing. Many times the things aren't practical or affordable that we love to lust after, and none of this list are actual needs of course, but a girl can dream can't she?:)

Item Links: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16

So I have a pretty lofty online wishlist if that's only part of it.haha and can we all agree on how random everything is? haha Well anyways, what are a some things you've been wishing for lately? or something that you'd get right away if you had the money? Do we have a few in common? I'd love to hear!
Have a great rest of your Thursday, and I hope you have an exciting weekend coming up:)
xoxo, Emily

P.S. Martin and I are going out of town tomorrow morning for his birthday weekend, and the Justin Hackworth photography workshop I'm attending(hooray!), so if you wanna follow along with our weekend adventures on Instagram I'd love to have you!


  1. Wow Wee!! Love your wishlist =D
    Been meaning to look into getting a Naked Pallet but haven't got round to it - Thanks for reminding me.

    Lotte xo

  2. I love that bag & Starry Night phone cover. It's my favorite Van Gogh painting. Great wish list!

    1. thanks! I really want to get a large replica for a wall in our house, but I saw the cover and fell in love! THanks for visiting!

    2. I want to hang the Starry Night in my house as well. I just don't know where I'd hang it. It's so BLUE, lol.

  3. That dress???? I need it!


  4. I just ordered a pair of Tumbleweeds sunnies (the "Tiny Miner") and I CANT WAIT for them to come in! I could definitely go for everything else on this wish list too!

  5. Ahh, as an Art history major, I NEED to have that Van Gogh phone case in my life! :)

  6. I recently got the Naked Palette during Sephora's 15% off sale, got a Kelley Moore bag not too long ago and have been eyeing the 24-70 lens for my Mark III also. Great list!

  7. I have the naked palette- it is a must, you will loves!