Saturday, March 23

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: was pretty simple and pretty complex all at once, depending on how you look at it:) My oldest child and baby girl turned the big 3, and we had a few different little parties to celebrate. Martin and I got a fun date and saw Oz (pretty good in my book), spring finally started sprouting up here and there with 70 degree weather, and then turned to late 20s, had about 20 family members over for a fun dinner, tried and failed to get caught up on my inbox (but there's always next week right?!), had some amazing sushi after months of waiting, made the best chicken fried steak I've ever had, listened to lots of perfect music, cleaned up lots of spilled milk and water(we're cup training out 1 year old), made lots of bread, and took several naps! an all around successful week in my opinion.
Weekly Snapshots: one incredible plate of Sushi, a late night birthday pizza run with the birthday girl, a fun trip to the movies, and a fresh loaf of the fluffiest and moistest %100 whole wheat bread ever.
A Few Facts:
  • martin and I play the same iphone games and he's always farther along then me,
  • I have a lil addiction to high-heels.(can never have too many when they're so different!)
  • I really love baking cupcakes. Cake is Really not my thing, but I love a good cupcake. 
Whats something you're really looking forward to this week? I'd love to hear about it!! :)
xo, Emily 

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  1. Wow I want it all)))

  2. I love these simple life posts! Happy Birthday to the little one! I liked Oz too, but didn't realize that is what more of a kids movie. Haha. Happy Saturday!

  3. I am going to see Oz this Friday, which is the other thing I am looking forward to, a Friday off! It is something I LOVE about working a 9-5, getting a 4 day work week!


  4. looks so yammy!!