Tuesday, March 5

Mixed Tape #16

Hello my people:) Time for another mixed tape! This is bassically a blend of a few favorites from the last few weeks. I really listen to music 23/7 around here, especially when i'm working and doing chores, so there's a blend on here let me tell ya.As usual, I've lined them up in the old fashioned mix-tape format, and each track link will take you to Youtube where you can hear the song and decide for yourself if you like it or not! I'm sure you're familiar with at least a few of these, but I'd love to hear which are your favorites. Happy Listening:
1. skyfall - adele
2. off to the races - lana del rey
3. zombie - the cranberries
4. the way i am - ingrid michaelson
5. somebody that i used to know - walk of the earth (cover)
6. holocene - bon iver
7. anchor - mindy gledhill

1. fidelity - regina spektor
2. painter song - norah jones
3. superhuman touch - athlete
4. abrahams daughter - arcade fire
5. orchard - the honey trees
6. in the waiting line - zero 7
7. video games - lana del rey
7. i will wait - mumford and sons

Hope you've found a few new songs in todays mix, and if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear! if yo're interested in seeing my other mix tapes, just click here.
In addition, I would love to hear any requests for themed mixes in the future! I've done workout mixes and romance playlists, summertime favorites and a 'British invasion' collection. Feel free to make suggestions!
Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week:)
xoxo, Emily


  1. Nice selection! :)

    New post on my blog, check it! It's my blog birthday! :D

  2. I'm pretty sure we're musical soul mates. I love Mumford & Sons, Norah Jones, The Cranberries, Ingrid Michaelson, and Bon Iver. LOVE!

  3. LOVE this list. So many of these are on my fave playlist. :)

  4. This mix looked so good I made it into a playlist on my iPod! I added a little Florence in there, too.