Wednesday, March 6

Little Letters Linkup

Another linkup today! Thank you to those of you who come back every week to this new little linkup, and for those of you who are new, I'd love to have you anytime! The thing about this one is you can write your letters any day of the week and then just come back here on Wednesdays and link them up:)
Dear Pinterest, I am finding a new love for you lately as I try and get my boards organized, and i look forward to many more hours spent together:)
Dear Las Vegas, thank you for being 'the city that never sleeps', because we've spent more time out and about in the middle of the night here then we have during the day.haha
Dear Las Vegas blogger peeps, I may or may not still be hangin out on the strip tonight with my hubby, so if you feel like hookin to to say hi, let me know:)
Dear Iphone, thank you for making my life so. much. easier. believeit or not, I actually spend less time 'plugged in', because I am able to get work done so quickly and easily. 
Dear tumbleweeds handcraft,  thank you and curse you Beca and Doug for having the most addicting array of attrctive glasses ever. How can I possibly resist?
Dear Lana Del Rey, you sexy singing beast you.  
Dear krispy kremes, I really wish you had a local store so I could enjoy your doughnut perfection on a regular basis, but instead I should be counting my lucky stars that you are hours away:)
Dear blog commenters, I see you and know you and love your guts to pieces. Thank you for not being part of the silent majority! I know comments take time, and i treasure every simgle one, 
Now its your turn lil' darlings!:)
1. grab the code below and write your letters any day this week!
2. please, please include the button or my link to your letters post/sidebar
3. read others letters and make new friends! I'm excited to read yours!


  1. I haven't done this in so long... Maybe today is a little letters day? I will try to be back later today :)

  2. Vegas is fun!! I took my lil family there for Spring Break last year and it was so much fun. They want to go again, but I am thinking San Francisco seems much better (:
    Lana del Rey!! OMG. Amazing! Have fun on the strip!! Get as much Krispy Kremes that will last you a week before you leave haha

  3. this is such a sweet little idea for a linkup! love it!

  4. I haven't done yet. But I hope visit that wonderful city one day. Look Fun!

  5. I really feel like I go through phases of intensity with Pinterest, but I think I'm due for another spree soon. Have a great time in Vegas! Thanks for hosting, and Happy Friday!