Friday, March 8

Friday Finds #56 + Color of the Month

This week I found...

...this perfectly chic but relaxed outfit from polyvore. perfect for spring and warm weather.
Cute - I love the pastel - "Mint Spring Summer Outfit" by natihasi on Polyvore

...this totally tasty and festive recipe for lemon cookies with citrus filling. yum!
Lemon Sandwich Cookies with Triple Citrus Filling 

...this cutest ever teapot print from lucilles kitchen on etsy. feels really retro too!
Retro Kitchen, Tea Print, Tea rooms in Paris, Teapot poster, Kitchen decor, French art, 8X10, pastel, cup of tea. $25.00, via Etsy.

...this amazingly detailed ribbon decorated cake! I'm going to have to give this a try
more ribbon cake!

...this adorable pair of openworked mary-janes! so light and soft, and perfect for spring.
Openwork Mary-Janes! Adorable

...this recipe for neopolitin bonbon cupcakes. loooks so yummy!
Neapolitan Bonbon  Cupcakes-

...this amazing quote
Bukowski quote tattoo idea

...this fantastic looking recipe from martha stewart for schrimp tacos! can't wait to try
Must try.

...this photo from tumblr really makes me miss writing snail mail letters. like, real letters.haha
love letters

...this recipe for homemade marscopone! this is going to be fun i think!

...this perfect layered necklace from anthropologie. Need it for spring!
colors. shapes. everything

What colors are inspiring you this month? 
Thanks for stopping by and sayin hi!
xo, Em


  1. Nice post + pics ;)

  2. I just found your blog through your ad on Shannon Hearts and I'm so glad I did! I love the beautiful colors on your Polyvore outfit, I can't wait to try those lemon cookies, and I love the mailbox photo. I have the best man in the world because he actually mails me plot cards and letters. Wow - what a keeper!

  3. Lovely pastel colours! That cake looks so delicious! <3

  4. Robins egg blue and turquoise are always inspiring to me. Fun post. Will try the lemon cookies and I actually do write snail mail all the time! I think its more personal and respectful then emails or text

  5. That Anthropologie necklace looks AWESOME!