Wednesday, March 20

And then she turned 3

Happy Spring! Three years ago Martin and I were hoping we would have our first baby on St. Patricks Day, and that she would have flaming red hair like he'd had when he was little. Well, one of those things came true, and instead of a St. Patty's baby, our little one was born on the first day of Spring. Far better now that I think about it:)
Eleanor's birth turned me into a mother, it turned us into a family, and it was the start of a relationship of mutual teaching and learning. Its cliche I know to say 'we can't imagine life without her' but its so true! She is the friendliest little girl I know, the biggest helper, the most adoring older sister, and her curiousness for life and wisdom beyond her years astound me everyday. Her maturity makes her a constant friend, and it is an honor to be her mother:)

To Ellie,
I can't believe its your birthday! I believe you are 3 going on 15:) Hanging out with mom and dad so much has turned you into the little adult i see sometimes, but when you snuggle up to me on the couch during a movie, or put your head on my shoulder when we're reading dr. suess, I'm reminded again that you are and always will be my sweet little baby girl.
Thank you sweetheart for teaching me everyday, and for constantly reminding me what's most important in life. I know we have moments of frustration between us, but know that I will always love you more then anything, and always want to just see that big smile of yours. 
I'm so proud that you've come so far and learned so much in three years, and I can't wait to watch you reach all the milestones ahead of you.
We love you so much Ellie! Happy Birthday Baby Girl:)
Love, Mom

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  1. she's already as pretty as her mom :) you have such a cute family

  2. Aww...this is so sweet! Happy birthday to your Ellie!

  3. Aww you daughter is so cute!


  4. Awe, so cute to see retrospectives! One of my favorite things about my daughter is that she made me a mother and that was (one of) my biggest dreams in life. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  5. Awww precious little girl you have! Happy Birthday to her!

  6. Ohhh... what a lovely sentiment. She's such a cutie pie. And I didn't realize our husbands have the same name... Martin. :)

  7. Happy birthday! She's adorable!


  8. Oh my cuteness... She is absolutely adorable/gorgeous! Happy birthday Ellie!!

  9. Your daughter is so precious and cute. She is so pretty like her mum.
    Kisses for the baby,
    Happy birthday to her!

  10. Happy birthday to your daughter! She is so cute, I'm sure she'll grow up being as beautiful as her mom. :D
    And what a happy family!

  11. Your daughter is adorable *.*

    I loved your letter :')


    Sofia G

  12. What a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday to Ellie!