Sunday, February 10

Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #6 - Candyman Curls

Hey lil darlins:) So as you can see today's retro tutorial is another style using a bandanna! This one  is much easier and quicker then probably all the rest in the series because you only have a bit of hair exposed, and yet its so uber vintage(I never say uber?) Lets see then:  
This tutorial was inspired by one of my favorite personas of Christina's in her 'Candyman' video, hence the name of the style, but it is of course also a variation on Rosie the Riveter as well. I wasn't sure the Lucille Ball forehead thing would work on me, but I think it just might:) You can do it with just about any length of hair, and any texture, and it takes about 10 minutes to put together. Wanna give it a try? 
Supplies needed:
- brush
- 1" curling iron
- bobby pins
- hairspray
- bandanna
Step #1: Begin by combing all your hair back away from your face and grasp it all in your hand. You'll adjust how far back you start your hair depending on its length. Where Mine touches my rump, I start it as low on my neck as possible. Begin twisting your hair around and around and point it straight upwards, 
Step #2:  Pull the hair in the opposite direction of your twist upwards, creating a loose french twist. Let the hair loosen some before inserting bobby-pins in to secure. Tie the hair now hanging in your eyes up in a little knot for later.
Step #3: Fold your bandanna in half and wrap around the back of your head. Bring both points together and tie loosly. Bring the back point under the loose knot and tuck the sides in and down. wrap the back point over the loose knot and tie the knot securely.
Step #4:  Using a 1" or smaller curling iron, curl all the hair hanging down into little corkscrews. Spray well with hairspray. stick your fingers up into the curls and touch your forehead. Pin as needed, but do not flatten! Try to keep as much life in the curls as possible:) Spray with hairspray again and your done!
I've had such a fabulous time posting these tutorials this week because I gotta admit to listening to such genius as Louis Armstong, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, etc, and its really gotten me in such an awesome mood! I hope you won't mind seeing many variations and modern adaptations of retro styles on the blog in the future, because you better believe they're comin! 
Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and are a little more inspired to try somethin new with you hair! I think bandannas are my new style for Laundry day and spring cleaning. You know I actually think it makes me more productive? haha

Have a wonderful restful Sunday everyone, and come back soon! 
xo, Emmy

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  1. So darling! If there's one era we probably all kind of wish we lived in, it's this one! I'm totally using this tutorial for Halloween this year (unless I can think of a reason to dress up earlier...)

  2. So cute! This style really fits you. I forgot Christina did this hairstyle in the past.

  3. I love your tutorials because you are basically the first person with really long hair that I have seen attempt them. My hair used to be really long so I was always bummed there were no long-hair versions. I am growing it back out now and your tutorials are perfect and very thorough. The other difference I noticed is that you mainly use a curling iron, and I prefer "wet sets" because I don't like to use too much heat on my hair. Keep doing these! I will definitely try some of these out :)

  4. So cute! Random question: Are your eyes two different colors? They (you) are beautiful and in some photos they look different! Regardless, gorgeous!

    1. hey girl, thanks for your sweet compliments! Yes, they are different! Its not entirely noticable all the time, but they're both light brown, only one has a greenish tint, and the other has a big chunk of dark brown in it. thanks for noticing!

  5. Saw your blog on Wonder Forest, so glad I did! Great tutorial. I wish my hair would cooperate like that, but highly unlikely. Sigh. Looking forward to more.

  6. Your hair looks amazing!!

  7. You pull off this look so well. I'm so jealous :)

  8. Wow this looks hard but so lovely! you are so talented dear!

  9. I love 40's hairstyles, but many of them are too impossible to do, and also look too outdated!
    But you've managed to make them doable, and you also look cute as heck in them! Thanks a lot for all your posts.