Sunday, January 13

H&W series - Mix Tape #14

Hey nerds:) This months mixed tape is going to be part of my little blog series for Health and Wellness! If you don't know what that is go here, and if you don't know what my mixed take is than keep reading:)
 If you've not seen my mix tapes yet I do them once a month, each one has a theme, and each post is set up like those ancient homemade cassettes we'd slid into our walk-mans and put on those cool headphones that connected behind our heads(you know what I'm talking about?), with side A and side B. Anyways each track is simply a link to Youtube, where you can hear the song and decide for yourself if you like it or not! I always hearing which ones you guys really love, and also hearing recommendations, so feel free!

This months mix as I said is part of my H&W series, and has a bunch of my newest favorite workout songs! I'm a huge sucker for a very strong, consistent beat when working out. I just simple can't hold still. haha So expect lots of that. Also the songs will vary in speed, because I like to use my exercise playlists mixes for all types of workouts. anyways here you have it! 
1. Sail - Awolnation
2. In for the kill - La Roux (Skrillex Remix)
3. 1940 - The Submarines
4. Kickstarts - Example (Bar 9 Remix)
5. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
6. Feed the Dada - Dada Life
7. Diet Mountain Dew - Lana Del Rey

1. Who's that Chick? - David Guetta (feat. Rihanna)
2. Sunlight - Modestep (torqux & twist remix)
3. Walnut Tree - Keane
4. Sweet Disposition - the Tamper Trap
5. Eyes - Kaskade (feat mindy Gledhill)
6. Show me the Money - Petey Pablo
7. First of the Year - Skrillex (equinox)

DISCLAIMER: While none of these songs are explicit, do me a favor and don't judge me by the videos! haha I've never watched the videos to most of these songs and some of them are waaacky! Just buy the song off itunes and go have a fabulous workout killer:)
Anyways I hope you've enjoyed today's little mix!! I'd love ot hear if you found a new song/artist that you like! Also if you'd like to see any of the other mixed tapes I've done here on the blog, just go here.

xoxo, Emily


  1. What a great idea, going to check these songs out now.

    Janine xx

  2. I already have a bunch of these songs, but I have my gym induction tomorrow so they will come in handy. I think I'll start making a playlist too. Thanks!

  3. I love love love Ho Hey by The Lumineers! I am really hoping that they win best new artist at the grammys :)

  4. This is a great idea! In a few months, please make another H&W playlist because these are great songs and I'll definitely be dancing and exercising to them!