Saturday, January 12

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: has been pretty rough with the sickness still going through the house (thank you all for your sweet words!), but we've been trying to plug along as best we can, all the while hoping we would all feel better in time for the family reunion for my family this weekend, which we found out we have to travel through blizzards to get to. haha (reports next week) 
Last Saturday was my birthday(again, thank you for making it more special!), and if we're buddies on instagram you may have followed along, but Martin took me on a much needed trip some hours away for an overnight stay in a hotel. Ever the spoiled lady I got to do a little lookin in my favorite stores, and we had ah-mazing food too. Best birthday ever. Thanks again honey! 
I also got my first real haircut in probably more than a decade (meaning that I got more than a trim haha) and she took about 4 inches off the ends! Also I got some little bangs too. Whatcha think?
Weekly Snapshots: 
A Few Facts:
  • when I was a little girl I studied ancient Egypt and wanted to become an archaeologist,  
  • with the family reunion coming up, I'm going to remind you that I have 14 siblings, almost 9 brother/sister-in-laws, 25 nieces and nephews,
  • I'm currently craving blueberries by the handful, 
  • and I'm not sure how I feel about my new Otterbox case for my phone.. 
How did your week go? What was your favorite thing that happened?
xo, Emily

P.S. my hair still almost touches my bum no worries:) but its so much healthier and stronger now! 

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  1. 14 siblings!!! Wow!

    The shirt looks amazing on you, hope you bought it!


  2. I'm glad you had a fun and relaxing time on your birthday weekend!
    The love for Egypt is what drove me to get an Anthropology degree.. and spurred my love for Archaeology. It is what also led me to work at a museum :)

  3. Wow! 14 siblings!!! So without even being in friends weddings, you'll at least rack up 14 bridesmaids dresses! Craziness! Have safe travels!

  4. Such a big happy family I see! :)
    Love love love! :)

    Happy weekend my dear!

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  5. 14???? Your parents are my heroes! And I was obsessed with ancient egypt when I was little too!!!!!

    Hope everyone is on the mend!


  6. Your bangs are adorable, Emily. :)

    Feel better! It's no fun being sick. :/

  7. Happy belated birthday, sounds like it was a lovely way to spend it.

    Janine xx

  8. I am not a fan of otterbox! I always think it is too bulky to carry around. Hope you feel better soon! I just got over being sick this past week and I am ready to feel normal again!


  9. I love your hair in the second picture. Sounds like you had an interesting trip, can't wait to hear about it! 

  10. Hi I just found your blog. Adorable. My hair is also to my bum. I have not cut it in over 5 years, I just adore my long hair. Long hair makes you more femimine, beauitful and special. Your hair is beauitful with the cut and I like the bangs. I have no family so I cannot imagine a family reunion to that size. It would be scary! Happy Birthday and thanks for a great blog. Its fun.

  11. 14! Wow! Personally I have 7 siblings and I always thought I had a lot! I absolutely love my big family. And my 9 nieces and nephews are just the cutest things in the whole world :)

    And happy belated birthday!


  12. wow that is a huge family. the hair is great!

  13. OMG.... when I was a little girl, I studied ancient Egypt and wanted to be an archaeologist too, Emily!!!
    I LOVE the new bangs. I'm desperately trying to grow my hair after having it all cut off into a pixie a year ago. Don't get me wrong, I loved it super short but I just miss the girliness and prettiness of longer hair... sigh.
    I've been recovering from a nasty cold all week too so I can sympathize with you :D x

  14. hair looks amazing!

    bea =)