Monday, January 14

Anniversary Photoshoot

Happy Monday everyone! I know there is a vast majority of y'all that don't really look forward to Mondays as some of us others, so I apologize if I use too many exclamation marks in this post today:) I am pretty excited though because I love sharing my hobbies with and helping you get to know me better, and many of you (especially if you are newer to Freckled Fox) may not know that I do professional photography work! (Meaning of course that I think I'm pretty good, and so do others so they pay me to take their picture:)) I do mostly newborns and seniors, but also love doing engagements, maternity, families, boudoir, etc. Its a really big love of mine and in the past I've shared photo-shoots here and there on the blog, but I realized that its been a crazy long time since I've posted one for you!

Here is a beautiful couple who just recently celebrated their anniversary and were sweet enough to let me take their photos! I went with a more hard/rustic/detailed look for this shoot. They are so photogenic aren't they? 
Thanks for visiting today! I hope you come back soon.
xo, Emily

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  1. Lovely photos and people! I had no idea you were a photographer! That's really neat! xx

  2. Lovely photographs! You are so photogenic! xxx

  3. Lovely pics!!!!

  4. would you come all the way to europe to do a photoshoot of my other half and I!! =P

    great job!

  5. What a cute couple! Great shots. So much personality.

  6. WOW... what beautiful photos! And I just LOVE her jeans!! :D

  7. They're lovely! They look good together. Good photos dear!

    ★♡ Step Up Movie Revolution! (^_^) ♡★
    Outfit Post: Step Up Dance Gear
    ... how I loved to dance again!

    ❤ ~Chai

  8. Awesome photos! Have you thought about joining the KiLM Idaho based model contest?!

    You should check it out!