Wednesday, December 5

Guest Post: Holiday Makeup Tutorial from Janelle!

Hello and welcome to my blog this morning! I'm so happy you stopped by, because I have a real treat for you today! For the first time ever in Freckled Fox history, I'm bringing in a beautiful friend of mine to give you a makeup tutorial! Janelle is so inspiring and talented, and I have always loved reading her tutorials on her blog. So without further ado, here she is to help you get ready for your holiday event:
Hello my lovely Freckled Fox readers, I'm Janelle from over at J.P. Photography! Emily asked me to make a Christmas makeup tutorial for all of you and so I put together this step-by-step classic golden look that is rather simple to achieve. Whether it is a night out or a party, this glamorous look is perfect for the holidays!
Step 1 - I have already applied my concealer, foundation, and powder all over my face as well as my eyelids. Taking the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pure Gold apply all over your lids and a bit on your lower lash line. Blend with your finger. This will act as a base for all your eye-shadows.
Step 2 - Taking Half Baked from the Naked palette,  generously pat over your eyelid and on the inner half of your lower lash-line.
Step 3 - With the copper color from the discontinued Maybelline expert wear aspiring amber eye-shadow quad, apply this to the outer "V" of your eyes. Then bring halfway across your lower lash-line.
Step 4 - Taking a bigger fluffy brush, dab your brush and pick up a bit of a matte brown and use this on your crease blending the copper and gold colors thoroughly. 
Step 5 - With the Urban Decay 24/7 double ended liner in Zero line your upper waterline.
Step 6 - With a matte off-white eye shadow, I am using the Revlon matte eye shadow in vintage lace ( link to here:, sweep onto your brow bone.
Step 7 - Line your eyes with a black eyeliner, in my case I used Maybelline's eye studio gel eyeliner in blackest black. With eyeliner everybody has a certain style that suites their eye shape best, however I strongly feel that the cat liner completes this look and works with almost every eye-shape.
Step 8 - Curl those gorgeous lashes and apply your favorite black mascara! I came across Benefits "Thery're real!" mascara and it made my lashes look so much longer and thicker. I would recommend this mascara to everybody, it is definitely worth the extra money!
Step 9 - Fill in those eyebrows! Filling in your eyebrows is super important especially when you are going to be in pictures. Remember, your brows frame your face, don't neglect them. I am using a matte brown shadow from Coastal Scents warm palette.
Step 10 - Blush and bronzer are very important steps in your makeup routine. If you're in pictures, you will instantly loose a lot of your facial definition and color as well. Apply bronzer below your cheekbones, on your temples, under your chin/jawline, and your nose. Blend well. I love the Clinique almost bronzer, and the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks.
You're finished! For a more neutral look keep your lips nude, but if your going for a bolder look that makes a statement try out red lipstick!

I am so glad I have the opportunity to share this makeup tutorial with you, I hope it was helpful! I would be overjoyed if you stopped by my place, I have other makeup ideas and tutorials on their as well as tons of photographs! Enjoy the holiday!
Thanks so much again Janelle for taking over the blog today! and for the rest of you, I'd love to hear what you think of the tutorial, if you'd like to see more makeup tutorials on the blog, and I would love for you to pay Janelle's lovely blog a visit! I've known her and loved her blog since the very beginning of mine, and I know you'll love what you find.

Have a fantastic day all you adorable people, and see you soon!
xo, Emily


  1. So pretty! Will definatly try this!

  2. Wow, really great makeup! I especially like the eye shadow :)

  3. awesome make up tutorial and very festive!!also easy tor ecreate. it goes so well with her complexion!

    Bea =)

  4. Gorgeous look, as lit from within!

  5. Gorgeous! I will definitely be using this!

    Boston Princess

  6. Gorgeous!!!

    xo, Emily

  7. Something about freckles just makes me look like a clown when I try to do something like this. :P I will definitely give it a shot, though! I tweeted this, as well - I love make-up tutorials!

  8. You are so beautiful! LOVE that make-up with your amazing eye color. Such a fun guest post! Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. That a pretty subtle golden eye. Very pretty.

  10. That a pretty subtle golden eye. Very pretty.

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    so beautiful!

    new post about my new cruelty free brushes!

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    thankyou so much xxx