Friday, December 7

FF#45 + The Color of the Month

This week I found...
... this cozy and warm outfit for those chilly months I know are coming soon:)

...this huge collection of white buttons! As a collector of buttons I have a huge reverence, and jealousy for this:)
Jars of buttons 

...this tempting picture of vanilla macaroons with white chocolate ganache. Recipe please?!
vanilla macaroons with white chocolate ganache. yum. 

...this pair of knitted fingerless gloves from Etsy. Man I can spend so much time and money on that site! dangerous
White Wool Fingerless Gloves Armwarmers  Hand Knit Chic Winter Accessories Winter Fashion

...this gorgeous photo of frost in a field. I love how I can almost feel the wind blowing the weeds

...this amazing coat! from...Anthropologie I think? I'll be locating it soon, but I had to share in the meantime.
double breasted white coat 

...this pretty 'white christmas' buffet of treats. Thinking about having a similer one myself! 
White Christmas Party Dessert Table

...this beautiful necklace from a new favorite organic Etsy shop: Magdelinen! I'm in love
White crocheted necklace from organic linen

...this cute design for Christmas Tree Cookies! Can't wait to do some sugar cookies with the kids thie year
christmas tree cookie idea

...this beautiful array of white vases by 79ideas. Makes me all wistful for spring! 

...this winter wonderland, to put us back on track after those flowers:) isn't it beautiful?
And cold...cold...cold...

What are some things inspiring you this week? if your life was a certain color this week, which would it be?
Have a great day everyone, and thanks for visiting!
xo, Em