Saturday, December 8

Weekend Wrap-up + Instalife

This Week: we ate lots of warm soups and stews, had our first frost, gave the girls their second hair trim ever, built many hot fires in the stove, read Dr. Suess about 30 times, made organic smoothies every night, bought my first pair of boot socks, wrapped up some presents, visited Santa in the mall, had lots of kiddo snuggles on the couch, went on several crazy shopping trips, applied for my first passport, bought about 40 Poinsettias for a church party coming up, and drank copious amounts of hot chocolate with whipped cream.
Weekly Snapshots: 
Weeks Favorite: finally breaking out the wrapping paper made it hit home how close Christmas is
A Few Facts:
  • When I was little I wanted to be an author  and wrote a small series of books about ladies turning into animals
  • one of my biggest wishes (and most expensive) is to travel all over the world
  • I've never broken a bone, or been admitted to the hospital for an injury
What are you looking forward to next week?
xo, Emily

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  1. I love all the photos you use.. So inspiring and so peaceful.. I am hoping to complete a bunch of sewing projects and start new ones! :)

  2. What gorgeous pictures! It sounds like you've had a lovely week. That wrapping paper is so cute! I always love wrapping presents.

  3. Looking forward to my bday and my daughters holiday concert. I love seeing the munchkins all dressed up! Hope that passport is to help with your expensive wish :)