Sunday, November 4

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: breakfast, dishes, laundry, lunch, dishes, walks, treats, dinner, more dishes, blog, sleep, repeat:) Except this week I started out as an incubus of viral plague. haha I'm actually just starting to get better though, so should be all better by next year some time:) Also we had a fantastic Halloween, complete with parties, candy, and trick or treating! The girls loved it, and so did we. Found my first white hair... Also my cute older sister (3 of 6) came to visit and brought her youngest baby, my new niece  She and my mother and I took our first Foot-Zoneology class, which was loads of fun. In addition Martin and I put up lots more bottles of food for the winter, and as always thoroughly filled up each day to bursting and loved every minute of it:) 
Weekly Snapshots: hot pop-overs with hot soup, vintage saddle shoes that only cost $.25, hot drinks tasting better in pretty owl mugs, pouty business cards with pink dots.
Next Week: I always try and start a new month out with a clean slate, and not too many plans, but unfortunately this month is already getting away from me! Wasn't it Just Halloween  At any rate I have oodles of lists chalk full of plans and goals for November, I only hope we can slow down enough in the next few days to actually get some stuff planned! 
A Few Facts:
  • I get a cold every year when the weather starts to chill up. Have for years.
  • I've really really cold feet. They are always cold, even in summer, which is nice:)
  • I just ordered new business cards to go with my new blog. Just in time for the Passionfruit Party
What do you think will be your favorite thing in November? Any special plans?

xo, Emily

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  1. I have no special plans for the next month yet :) only loads and loads of work for college I'm afraid :( ew, defo not looking forward to that!

    I love those cute little shoes! Hope little John will get lots of wear from them :)

    xo Nikki

  2. Replies
    1. aw thanks Shannon! Needed to hurry and get them ordered, I'm such a procrastinator! :)

  3. Those little shoes are so cute. I had some when I was a little girl. Oh memories.

  4. I adore that mug! My plans for November are to gear up for December. Trying to do a lot of my Christmas shopping, making gifts, and decorating the house for Christmas. I'm usually strict about keeping my holidays to their months, but I'm too excited for Christmas this year!

  5. Love your business cards, so cute.

  6. Your blog is really amazing! So much inspiration:)
    Following you on GFC!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  7. did you get your cards on moo? I have been thinking about buying some from there but can't make up my mind.

    1. actually I got them from overnight prints! I really like them, used them a dozen times now, and they always have fast shipping, awesome quality, good prices, etc. I've never looked at moo, but sounds like I should take a look!

  8. Got a pretty business card, stylish and feminine.:)


  9. First of all, your blog is amazing. I love it!! Also, I totally know how you feel about the same routine for the past few days. I've been stuck inside for a week because of Hurricane Sandy, but now I'm ready to start the month fresh (which includes eating healthy and working out..hopefully!). Hope you have a great day!


  10. Hope you get better soon! And: really nice business cards!