Saturday, November 3

What I Wore // Chilly Blues and a Floppy Hat

Five Senses for Today:
Hearing: lots and lots of Damien Rice. I fell back in love a few weeks ago when the world started to calm down a bit, and we've been incepherable ever since. 
Smelling: the sweet and spicy smell of the fresh batch of apple cider simmering in the kitchen
Touching: the soft curly hair of my little girls after their bath. Nothing sweeter it seems. 
Tasting: what is hopefully my last cough drop (or four) in what has been the worst cold week ever it seems. You really kicked my butt this time around mr. fall cold:(
Seeing: so many many beautiful colors in the falling leaves outside. It still takes my breath away every time I take a step outside. I can't believe its already November.
hat - target
cardigan - jerseytone
black t - thrifted
scarf - gift
skinnies - ross
boots - free people

We are still enjoying rather cool weather over here, it hasn't gotten below around 65 during the day yet, and certainly no snow. We're lucky! 
If you'd like to do your own Five Senses post, let me know in the comments so I can come have a look!
xo, Emily

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  1. I am now having long hair lust---haha! I cut mine recently and I'm definitely ready for it to get growing out again- your curls are gorgeous.

    And apple cider in the kitchen?! I'm coming over!

  2. You look incredible! I love those boots and that hat! Absolutely beautiful outfit. I can't believe it's November either - time is going by so quickly!

  3. Cute, Emily! Your boots are stylin'. :D

  4. Love this look! I am totally drooling over your amazing boots!

  5. Love this! You look amazing!
    I love the combination of boots and jeans :)

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  7. I wish damien rice would tour again! The last time I saw him in 07ish was THE best concert I have been to ever, and I have been to over 200!

  8. i'm in love with your hair *__*

    new post in my blog!

  9. Love this outfit! Blue looks absolutely amazing on you and I am also really loving those boots. Great outfit.
    Almost Endearing

  10. Your turquoise top matches pretty well on the scarf. The hat makes a statement too. Love the overall outfit.You're gorgeous!


  11. woow
    great look
    i love it

  12. wow your hair lovely and your blog too! I'm your new follower hope you can follow back :)

  13. you really are so gosh darn beautiful. one of my favorite outfit posts thus far!