Sunday, November 11

Holiday Hair Week - Tutorial #7: The Twisted Sidebun

Hey there gorgeous:) Today is day #7 of Holiday Hair Week! I've simply loved bringing all these styles to the blog one right after the other this last week, and I hope you've enjoyed it aswell, and maybe even picked up a few new ones to try out! I'll be back again soon with another style don't worry, and in the meantime if you haven't seen my hair + beauty page, go there for links to every other hair tutorial on the blog! Here's the last Holiday style for the week:
I decided to go with this twisty side bun because for one, as a sweet reader pointed out I don't have a single side bun on the blog, and two, I've been asked for months for a tutorial for Adele's signature style in one of her videos. Well I love Adele to pieces, but I had to add a few more flares to her simpler style, so this is my take on the perfect holiday side bun. Enjoy!
- brush
- hairtie
- bobby pins
- hairspray
Step 1: Begin by choosing a left side part and brush a section of hair from the front straight down and to the side, creating a dramatic side-swept bang. pin to the side. tease the hair a bit at your crown for a little lift, and smooth it out with your brush. 
Step 2: divide your hair in half into a top and bottom. pin the top up on top of your head. create a low, messy side bun behind your right ear by pulling all the hair through once, then pulling back through again, but only halfway. twist the hairtie once more and pull half of the bun through. Pin in 3-4 places around the edges of the bun to secure it to your head. 
Step 3: release the top section and twist it all the way to the end. wrap your twist clockwise around your bun and pin the end securely. Spray your whole head throughly with hairspray for extra long-lasting hold, and done and done!
This is one of my favorite styles that I've posted this week, but I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite style was! Thanks so much for following along this week, and every single day!:)

Hope you have a terrific week ahead, and take care darlins! 
xo, Emily

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  1. I really wish I have long hair! Because this looks so beautiful.x

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love this style. Would this work with thin hair? I love all these hair styles but sometimes have a hard time getting them to work since my hair isn't super thick.

  3. LOVE all your tutorials! I have hair as long as yours and I wear it up ALL the time because it is so much to take care of, but you wear your hair so creatively and so well it is inspiring me...and with three kids! I guess I am running out of excuses :) Please keep them coming :) Maybe consider doing a few videos? I would love to see you do it on a video.

  4. THis inspired me! I'll do this hairstyle this Monday for my office wear. :)


  5. Oh, I just love this look! So romantic! I'm not if I have enough hair to really pull it off, but I'm certainly going to try!

  6. I've got to be honest, I lost you with the low bun. I'm a bit of a hair retard, though.

  7. Your tutorials are absolut amazing Thanks for sharing!!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  8. HI;)
    Thanks for your visit your blog rocks!!
    Such a fancy hairstyle.
    Following by google and facebook too.

  9. Can I just say how gorgeous you are?! Love the hair tuts!

  10. i just found your blog, and im totally loved it. so many great hair tutorial. loved this hair tut :)

  11. This is lovely!! Awesome tutorials too! :D

  12. Thanks for sharing that style! I've been looking for something like that.

  13. Oh this is so pretty and elegant! Can't wait to rock it when I go see the nutcracker ballet performance this weekend!

  14. I just found your blog and I love it! We have very similar hair so these tutorials are amazing xx

  15. I just found your blog and I love it! We have very similar hair so these tutorials are amazing xx

  16. so so pretty, looks way more complicated than it actually is! x

  17. I'm a little stuck on the low bun part. I guess it's the the second pull half way through that I'm not sure I'm understanding! Love this hairstyle and hope I can replicate!! Thank you!

  18. First time I've been able to pull a Pinterest hairstyle... thanks!!! :)