Saturday, September 15

What I Wore // Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Four things for today:
1: Realized this afternoon that I was actually writing stuff on my to-do list that I'd really already done, just so I could have the pleasure of admiring my hard work as I crossed it off. 
2: Started the week out at 80 degrees with the air conditioning running full force, and ended it with all units off and the smell of old heaters running around the old house! It's time peeps! 
3: Taking a nap at 7:30pm is proooobably the dumbest thing I've done in a while. Martin was away and I was exhausted, saw a big night of work ahead and thought I'd catch up. No, & no.  
4: Was having a very serious conversation with the printer guy on the phone when a strong case of the hiccups infected me. You try telling someone who doesn't speak English their product stinks while hiccuping every other word. He actually started laughing at one point:( 
jewelry - handmade
v neck - ross  
jacket - thrifted
skinny's - celebrity
heels - nine west
I'm totally sleeping in today, then maybe going thrifting with all three of my kiddies!:) Hope you have a fabulous Saturday! it Saturday Already?
xo, Emily

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  1. Hiccups on the phone, oh no, that sounds terrible! :( I'm sorry that a) their product sucks and b) it was hard to get your point across seriously. Worst timing ever, right?? Darn!

    Ah, but it is over now. And this outfit is very adorable and such a nice way to transition into fall. I looove the soft colors, and that blazer is so sleek!

  2. Super cute outfit!
    I am so excited that it is Fall :D I am so ready to turn off the a/c and the heaters on.
    I've learned that taking a nap during the day is never a good idea - I wake up more tired then I originally was!

  3. Adorable outfit. I laughed a bit thinking of you with the hiccups on the phone trying to be serious haha that is so something that would happen to me!

  4. Love your jacket, jewelry (that is so not fair that it is handmade - it sure looks "professional": Good job!) and messy pony.

    Hello, fall is right!

  5. wow nice photos

  6. Love your outfit.. Amazing nude palette.. Kisses

  7. What!?! Ombre blog post. Awesome. I love the necklace and blazer. Great outfit for Fall.

  8. I love these mini photoshoots you do! Just beautiful.

  9. Lovely ! You should think to write a make up post ;)